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Chapter 2434: Ended Up Together Because of Selfishness

The passersby who thought that this was another racist scandal at first were all stunned when they heard these things.

They did not expect that the person whom they thought was the victim at first was actually a criminal suspect!

So their phones continued taking photos and videos non-stop, not letting this incident off.

“You are all mistaken,” Wang Qianyun said.

“What instigating others to murder or hurting others These are very serious things, I wont dare to do them.”

“If we are mistaken, we will let you go.

Before that, you have to assist with investigations,” the police officer said.

Without waiting for her to say anything, he handcuffed Wang Qianyun.

They were able to find Wang Qianyun so quickly because, for one, Lin Jinshu had been caught.

During the interrogation of Lin Jinshu, the police officer in charge of the interrogation had lied to her.

The police officer made Lin Jinshu think that they already know that Wang Qianyun was the one who conspired with Lin Jinshu and that they already had enough clues and evidence in their hands.

So Lin Jinshu exposed Wang Qianyun.

Just like what Wang Qianyun had thought previously, Lin Jinshu also suspected that the police officers were actually lying to her.

After all, Lin Jinshu was not so dumb as to believe the police officer after just a few words.

But it was indeed like what Wang Qianyun had guessed.

Lin Jinshu felt that there was no need for her to cover up for Wang Qianyun.

Why should she be the only one arrested while Wang Qianyun would be living well with no worry at all

The two of them each had had a part to play in this together.

Either they both retreated together or they both went down together.

Neither one was to think of running away!

Anyway, Lin Jinshu and Wang Qianyun were just using each other.

There was not any deep friendship to speak of between them.

And the two of them were selfish people.

Even their own family could be betrayed by them with just a word, without any hesitation at all, much less someone who had no relation to themselves.

One had to say that these two selfish people were really a pair.

Wang Qianyun judged others by her own standards and really judged Lin Jinshu correctly.

The other thing was that Bian Daoren and Han Zhuoling had already found the men who came the night before the closing ceremony of the exchange competition to tamper with the lights.

They also confessed that it was Wang Qianyun.

So, matching the two points together, the police had enough evidence to arrest Wang Qianyun.

And right now, Wang Qianyun still did not know all these.

She only guessed that the police came because this was related to Lin Jinshu, but she did not guess that, in fact, the people on Han Zhuolings side had already obtained eyewitnesses.

She could only be taken away by the police now.


In the hospital, Lu Man had not woken up yet.

Only Han Zhuoli and Lu Man were left in the hospital ward.

Everyone was worried about Lu Man, but they understood the pain Han Zhuoli felt even more now.

So, as much as they were worried, they still left some space for Han Zhuoli and Lu Man to spend time alone together.

Han Zhuoling was following up on Wang Qianyun and Lin Jinshus matter.

Shen Nuo told Han Xijin about how Lu Man was still in a coma.

Han Xijin immediately bought plane tickets to rush over but had not yet arrived.

However, he was already contacting all the neurosurgeons in the US.

Chu Zhaoyang had also sent renowned neurosurgeons from Chu Tian over.

Chu Tian itself already had the worlds top doctors gathered in one place.

If the specialists that Chu Tian had sent over, as well as the people Han Xijin had found, did not know what to do, then there was really no other solution.

But it was still too early to conclude anything right now.

The doctors were still rushing over and had not arrived yet.

After Principal Liu and the others came to visit Lu Man, he could only bring the students to return to the country first.

Han Zhuoli held Lu Mans hand.

Her hand was still warm and, with it held tightly in his palm, he could truly feel and sense her presence.

But Han Zhuoli still felt insecure.

He felt that he was holding the shell of Lu Mans body, but he was not able to hold on to her soul.

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