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Chapter 2436: Leaving Her Body

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“Man Man, can you bear to watch me be lonely from here on” Han Zhuoli clutched her hand tightly.

“If the Heavens insist that you go back, then given your stubborn temper, you surely wont listen to them obediently, right Man Man, no matter what happens, you must definitely stay.

Try your best to stay, okay”

Han Zhuoli felt that he was on the verge of a mental breakdown.

He heaved a long, drawn-out sigh.

“If… If youre really not coming back, then take me away too, okay”

Lu Mans hand twitched.

She wanted to tell him that she would not leave.

She would not leave no matter what.

She also wanted to stay together with him, in this life, and in the next.

They would always be together, forever and ever.

She slowly opened her eyes and saw Han Zhuolis haggard appearance.

His eyes seemed to be all bloodshot, his eyebags were greenish-blue.

Who knew how many hours he had slept in total across these few days

There was also a stubble growing out on his chin and the area around his lips.

His stubble was like a shadow, making his originally defined features look even more sunken.

He did not been having a good rest these last few days.

Did he not eat as well

He had lost so much weight.

His facial features looked very sharp and made him look even more haggard.

She just felt curious.

She was clearly awake, and her fingers also moved.

Why did Han Zhuoli not feel anything

He cared so much about her.

As long as there was any little bit that was different about her, he would always feel it in the first instance.

But why did he have no reaction at all this time

Han Zhuoli held on to her hand still, as if he could not see that she was already awake.

Lu Man moved her finger.


But Han Zhuoli did not react still, as if he could not hear what she said either.

Right after that, Lu Man watched as she saw her own hand actually passing through his, unable to touch him.

Meanwhile, Han Zhuolis hand still held on to hers.

Lu Man got such a shock that she sat right up in an instant.

Yet her body suddenly felt light and her whole body floated right up.

She could only watch as she seemed to float higher and higher, farther and farther away from Han Zhuoli.

As if there was something else that was amiss.

In the next second, she finally knew what it was.

She saw herself!

She was clearly there, but she saw that she still lay on the hospital bed, with Han Zhuoli holding on to her hand.

“Zhuoli!” The moment Lu Man thought of that in her mind, she landed on the ground.

She walked up to Han Zhuoli and wanted to grab his elbow.

But her hand passed through Han Zhuolis elbow once again.

Lu Man got a shock and stared at her own hand in shock.

To her, her hand still looked like its real form.

But why, why was she not able to grab hold of Han Zhuoli

“Zhuoli!” Lu Man called him.

But Han Zhuoli still could not hear her.

“Zhuoli!” Lu Man raised her voice, but Han Zhuoli still could not hear her.

Lu Man thought to herself, “Could it be that my soul has left my body”

But since she could already revive…

She did not feel so incredulous or surprised at things like her soul leaving her body.

Lu Man could only panic while pacing around Han Zhuoli.

She could not touch him.

If she spoke, Han Zhuoli could not hear her either.

Lu Man stared at herself lying on the hospital bed.

Looking at it from a third-party perspective, it was as if she was looking at a stranger.

Lu Man thought about it.

She sat back on the bed and lay down, wanting to integrate back into her body.

But even after shed been lying for quite a while, there was no reaction.

Lu Man got up once again and left her body easily just like that.

At this moment, Han Zhuoli suddenly took out his phone and hurriedly dialed a number, as if hed thought of a solution.

Not long after, Lu Man heard Han Zhuoli say, “Wen Ren, about the person you helped to look for previously, how is that going”

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