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Chapter 2440: That Guy

Lu Mans heart shook as she locked eyes with Han Zhuoli.

Was Han Zhuoli able to see her or sense her presence

“Zhuoli…” Lu Man called out softly.

At this moment, someone knocked on the office door.

“Come in,” Han Zhuoli said as he lowered his head and continued with his work.

It was almost as though what happened earlier had been a coincidence.

Soon after, Zheng Tianming came in.

Even though Lu Man knew that Zheng Tianming could not see her, she still moved to the side, letting him pass by.

Zheng Tianming stood in front of Han Zhuoli and reported, “President, for tonights Nan Yin Charity Gala, these are the donations made under your name.”

Zheng Tianming placed the file in front of Han Zhuoli.

Lu Man felt weird.

These were all people she knew.

However, during her previous life, all these people treated her like a stranger.

“Alright.” Han Zhuoli nodded.

When evening arrived, Lu Man saw Han Zhuoli change into his suit.

Lu Man did the math and calculated that, currently, Han Zhuoli should be 38 years old.

He did look more mature than the Han Zhuoli she was familiar with.

There were also more wrinkles at the corner of his eyes.

So this was what he looked like at 38 years old.

Lu Man could not stop looking at him.

Due to the fact that Han Zhuoli could not see her, she observed every minute detail; it was almost unscrupulous.

Han Zhuoli sat in the car.

The chauffeur was still Xiao Chen, the driver she was familiar with.

Zheng Tianming sat in the front passenger seat.

Lu Man slipped in while the door was opened and sat next to Han Zhuoli.

The night lights flashed by outside the car window, but it was dark inside the car.

There were no lights.

However, the darkness did not stop Lu Man from looking up at Han Zhuolis side profile.

His side profile looked even better in the dusky lighting.

“Why are you still not married” asked Lu Man, talking to herself.

Han Zhuoli could not hear her anyway.

However, something strange then happened.

Right after Lu Man asked, Han Zhuoli turned his head and looked at her once again.

Lu Man held her breath in nervousness.

Han Zhuoli looked at the space beside him for a few seconds and turned his head back.

It felt odd to Lu Man.

It was as though he could sense her presence, yet it also seemed like he couldnt.

But if he really could not feel her, how could he capture her position correctly every time

It happened when she was touching his face and when she asked him that question.

Even when Han Zhuoli arrived at the location of the Gala, he did not walk on the red carpet.

He did not like to put on a show on the red carpet.

He walked into the hall humbly and sat at the main table right in front.

After a short while, Chu Zhaoyang, Nan Jingheng, Qi Chengzhi, and the others also arrived.

All three of them came with their wives.

Only Han Zhuoli was single at this table.

“I think its weird,” said Nan Jingheng.

“Brother Zhuo, it has been so many years.

You are not into bachelorism, and its not like you are not seeking a relationship with someone.

How are you still single You said that you havent met the destined one, but it has been so many years.

Didnt you meet even one Have you perhaps already given your heart to a certain someone”

Han Zhuoli smiled as he responded, “Perhaps and perhaps not.”

“What do you mean” Nan Jingheng asked curiously.

“You said you have been waiting, but what kind of person have you been waiting for Is there a specific person in your mind”

“No,” Han Zhuoli answered.

“I say perhaps because I know that there must exist a person who is waiting to meet me.

“I cant say why but I am certain that this person exists.”

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