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Chapter 2442: Cant Let Things Go Just Like That

It was their daughter who had hurt Lu Man until shes in this state.

Xia Qingwei did not even want to give them a superficial smile.

Moreover, she could guess that these two people came today to plead on Wang Qianyuns behalf.

Wang Qianyun had hurt Lu Man, conspired with Lin Jinshu, and even snatched her son away.

Those two people deserved to be arrested!

Yet they wanted to come and plead for leniency now so they would let Wang Qianyun off

Just because of this, Xia Qingwei would not give them face at all.

Wang Juhuai could naturally guess the twos motives as well.

Like Xia Qingwei, his expression was cold, the opposite of Wang Jugu and Luo Wangyuans smiles.

The scene looked extremely awkward for a moment.

“What is it” Wang Juhuai asked coldly.

Wang Jugu was pent up with rage.

He glanced at Wang Juhuai.

For an outsider, he could disregard his own kin!

He had clearly been on such good terms with the Han Family previously, yet he refused to help Wang Qianyun.

He knew that Wang Qianyun liked Han Zhuoli, yet not only did he refuse to help, he even went all out to obstruct them.

He made them look like clowns.

When Wang Qianyun was fired by Maxus Company, Wang Juhuai also extricated himself from the matter and did not put in a good word for her at all.

As long as he had been willing to put in a few good words, Wang Qianyun would not have been fired.

To Wang Juhuai, this was just a matter of saying some words with his mouth.

This was such a simple thing, yet he refused to help, causing Wang Qianyun to be unemployed for a long period of time.

Even though she found a job again after, it was not as good as her previous job at Maxus Company.

She could not be of help at her familys company either.

Many people saw that Wang Juhuai did not seem very close to their family, so they lost many collaborations, causing the family companys situation to not be in a good state as well.

Afterward, Wang Juhuai actually went back to marry Xia Qingwei.

Hed actually calculated it well and planned to be Han Zhuolis father-in-law.

No wonder he refused to help Wang Qianyun all along.

If Wang Qianyun had married Han Zhuoli, Wang Juhuai and Han Zhuoli would just be related as distant in-laws.

But that could not be compared to being his direct father-in-law no matter what.

Wang Jugu could finally tell that Wang Juhuai just did not want to see him do well!

He ended up becoming Han Zhuolis father-in-law himself, having a child with Xia Qingwei, and not even allowing their parents to visit him!

Wang Juhuai was completely treating their family like outsiders!

Now he even wanted to send Wang Qianyun to jail because of Lu Man, that outsider.

Lu Man was his daughter in name, but in fact, she was not related to him by blood at all.

If they were to really talk of kinship, she could not compare to his own niece Wang Qianyun at all!

In Wang Juhuais eyes now, their Wang family was non-existent!

Wang Jugu had been boiling with rage in his heart the entire time.

When he saw Wang Juhuais cold expression now, he felt even more enraged deep down.

It was clearly Wang Juhuai who owed them, yet he was acting as if they owed him for god knows whom to see!

But no matter how upset he felt deep down, no matter how much he hated Wang Juhuai, he still put on a smile on his face right now and said, “Big Brother, its not very convenient to talk here.

Why dont we go to your room and talk”

Xia Qingwei did not say anything.

Wang Jugu was Wang Juhuais younger brother.

He was Wang Juhuais family no matter what.

There were many things she could not say.

If she said anything, it would affect her relationship with Wang Juhuai.

Although there needed to be honesty between husband and wife, there were still many things that could not be said casually.

This matter still depended on Wang Juhuais attitude.

If Wang Juhuai chose forgiveness, Xia Qingwei would not let things slide just like that.

Even if a crack would appear in her relationship with him, even if she would have a big fight with him, or even if she had to leave him, Xia Qingwei also knew how to find a lawyer on her own.

She definitely had to make Wang Qianyun receive her punishment.

She could not let the person who harmed her daughter off so easily.

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