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With just one look at Lu Man, Sun Yiwu knew that she would be very beautiful on camera.

Some peoples looks were naturally suitable to be a celebrity.

Many currently popular celebrities although not that good looking in real life, it was not the same on camera.

As for Lu Man, she was very pretty with a delicate small face that was only as big as a palm, small and beautiful.

Her sharp jawline was unlike that of those who had undergone plastic surgery, it was natural and lovely.

Furthermore, her skin was white and clean, she was already a natural beauty, even without makeup, she would still look good on camera.

Lu Man definitely would be able to take on the challenge of the crystal clear camera!

He also felt that this time, being able to find Lu Man, it was really God given gift!

“Im very grateful that you chose me after consideration.

It is just that I have no experience with acting and Im actually scared I wont act well, leaving flaws in your work,” Lu Man smiled.

“Furthermore, I still have my full-time job.”

“Your full-time job is alright!” Sun Yiwu looked towards Han Zhuoli, laughing, “If you want to enter the acting circle, there is nothing more suitable than my movie.

A lot of professional actors do not even have such a high starting point.

If you dont want to, you want to go back and continue with your job, CEO Han cant not keep his girlfriends job for her, right”

Sun Yiwu smiled brightly and looked at Han Zhuoli, “CEO Han, dont you agree”

Han Zhuoli slowly took a sip of coffee.

“If Lu Man wants to, Ill definitely keep the job for her, everything will be based on what she wants.”

“Dont worry, just take your time to consider it,” Han Zhuoli told Lu Man gently.

Lu Man nodded her head and then lowering her head, considering it for a very long time.

After that, she raised her head, solemnly saying, “I want to try.”

“Thats good, I was just waiting for that sentence!” Sun Yiwu happily patted his leg.

Lu Man turned her head, silently asking for Han Zhuolis opinion.

Han Zhuoli smiled warmly at her.

“Just do whatever you want to do.”

“Then should we first try” Sun Yiwu said, “Although I have a good opinion of Lu Man, she must still try to act once, because if she cant make it, I still need to continue to find someone else.”

“Alright,” Lu Man nodded, “Should we try the dialogue part first or the fighting actions”

“Lets first try the fighting actions, you already have a background in martial arts, so we can first design the actions for those parts.” Sun Yiwu told Chang Xianjin, “Xiao Mi, first teach a simplified version to Lu Man, as long she can master the simplified version, the full version will definitely not be a problem, later on, she can train for the full version once she joins the crew.”

“Alright,” Mi Qiansong stood up, “Should we just do it here”

Han Zhuolis office was big enough with a space wide enough for her to extend her arms in a fist and widen her feet.

Han Zhuoli nodded his head in agreement.

“Just do it here.”

Thus, Mi Qiansong went to the middle space and fluently went through some actions.

The martial scenes were designed to look good in the movie, so the actions although looking great were not very useful in real life.

The punches and kicks were all very smooth, very pleasant to see.

Returning to her final stance, Mi Qiansong ended her series of actions.

“How is it Do I need to show you again”

“Let me try,” Lu Man stood up and walked over.

Mi Qiansong gave her enough space, Lu Man did not instantly stop her actions.

At that moment, she let herself ignore the existence of Sun Yiwu and the rest of the people, closing her eyes she quietly recalled Mi Qiansongs actions just now, then she started performing them.

Lu Man punched, then raised her leg, did a horizontal sweep and ended with a flying kick.

As each of her actions was smoothly executed, Sun Yiwus gaze became brighter and brighter!

He had not seen wrong!

A person with a martial arts background did not need to learn step by step like an ordinary person.

After seeing it one time, she knew the actions by heart, one action after another, knowing how to make the actions link up nicely.


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