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Chapter 2450: I Can Bring Her Back

“The one from our masters generation, which is Xie Jilings uncle, went missing 10 years ago.

But because of the Xie Familys family precepts, the Xie Family did not send another representative over to replace her uncle while he was not around.

This resulted in a gap during these 10 years.

“Only after Xie Jiling came of age did she come and find the Wen Family.

After another two months, Old Master Wen will officially step down and Young Master will officially become the Master of the household.

Working together with Xie Jiling this time could be considered an advanced partnership,” Wei Wucai explained.

Though the Wen Family had long been under Wen Rens helm, Wen Chengyun was still the Master, but he had already handed power over to Wen Ren long ago.

He led an idle and carefree life, not caring or asking about anything regarding the Wen Family.

It was just because the Xie Family had not sent a new disciple over all this time that Wen Chengyun could not step down yet.

If hed let Wen Ren become the Master before the Xie Familys disciple appeared, without anyone from the Xie Family being present, it would inevitably make the handover to Wen Ren less than perfect.

That was why he had delayed it until now.

When it came to truly hidden centuries-old families like the Xie Family, all disciples hide their identities as they roamed around the world.

Xie Jilings classmates and friends did not know that she actually knew how to communicate with spirits and exorcise ghosts.

The Xie Familys existence was a complete secret.

Aside from the Wen Family, no one else knew about them.

Hence, Han Zhuoli had never heard of them before either.

When he heard Wei Wucais explanation, Han Zhuoli then found out that there was such a hidden centuries-old family.

But Wei Wucai did not go into detail, so there was much more that Han Zhuoli did not know about.

“Young Master Han, you just need to trust her abilities,” Wei Wucai said.

“If the Xie Familys disciple cannot solve this, then…”

Han Zhuoli turned and looked at Lu Man.

So, Xie Jiling was the last hope

No matter whether she could really save Lu Man, if what Xie Jiling said was true and today was really the last day, even if he found someone else, it would be too late.

“I can resolve this.” Xie Jiling stood up, looking up resolutely at Han Zhuoli.

“I can bring her back.”

The face in front of him still looked a little childish, but she looked unusually firm and confident.

Han Zhuolis eyes were very bloodshot.

He nodded his head, trembling a little as he nodded.


“Rest assured,” Xie Jiling said.

“Since this older sister had the lucky fate to revive, it shows that she has this blessing and is a person with good fortune.

If the Heavens gave her this chance, her good fortune should be enough to support it.

If you all hadnt managed to find me, then as today is indeed the last day, she really wont have been able to return.

That would have shown that her good fortune only lasts from the time when she revived until now.

“But you all found me, which shows that she merely had this mishap in her life, but it can be resolved.” Xie Jiling turned to look at Lu Man and said, “This older sisters features show that she is a blessed person and is someone who will live until a ripe old age.”

Who knew whether what Xie Jiling said was the truth

Although both Wen Ren and Wei Wucai trusted her abilities, before seeing it with his own eyes, Han Zhuoli still reserved his judgment.

But after hearing Xie Jiling say that Lu Man was someone with good fortune and that she could live a long life, Han Zhuoli still felt a little comforted.

He just hoped that Xie Jiling was not like those fake medium conmen and could really be able to help Lu Man.

She knew Han Zhuoli did not believe her.

After all, in this era where science is championed and superstitions are debunked, normal people would think that she was a fake medium.

But to be honest, she was not indulging in feudal superstitions.

It was just that they were in different fields.

There were still many things that could not be explained by science nowadays.

It was not because science was not advanced enough, but that such things were really not within the scope of science.

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