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Chapter 2458: I Liked You When I Saw You

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“I wonder if its because of our last promise that we met right after I got into that accident in this life.

It was such a coincidence that you were staying in the next hotel room and saved me.

“When wed just started dating, I always thought about what made me so special that I could gain your favor and make you like me so much.” Lu Mans expression was filled with nostalgia.

“There are clearly more people who are more outstanding and beautiful.

How did I make you fall in love with me after meeting you a few times”

“I dont know why,” said Han Zhuoli softly.

“After meeting you, I knew that you were the one.

This has nothing to do with how outstanding you are or how pretty you are.

I liked you when I saw you.

“Well, it turns out that…” Han Zhuoli laughed.

“We had already made a promise to each other.”

“Yes.” Lu Man laughed as her eyes welled up with tears.

“We made a promise to each other.”

She gave Han Zhuoli a tight embrace.

“Its good to see you again.”

Back in their past life, shed spent a lifetime beside Han Zhuoli.

It had been like spending a lifetime without Han Zhuoli.

But right after sending Han Zhuoli on his way, she met him again, almost like she traveled back in time.

Lu Mans heart was filled with so much joy that it hurt.

Something crossed Han Zhuolis mind.

“Technically speaking, your soul left for only six days but spent 60 years in the past life, meaning that one day spent in a coma here equals 10 years spent in the past life.”

Lu Man nodded.

She stayed beside Han Zhuoli in the past life and spent a long lifetime there.

Finally, she could reunite with him in this life.

From another perspective, the two did not separate at all.

Han Zhuoli held Lu Mans face in her hands and kissed her passionately.

This kiss was packed with the fear hed had earlier and the joy that he had regained what hed lost.

His palms were pressed tightly against her back, forcing her into his arms.

They were so close together that there was no space in between.

Lu Mans chest was pressed so hard that it made breathing difficult.

On top of that, his fierce kiss was suffocating her.

But even so, Lu Man did not push him away.

Instead, she squeezed Han Zhuoli even more and kissed him back passionately.

The passion and power of the two aimed to dissolve each other into their own bodies.

No one was willing to give in.

Both of them were trying their best to feel each others presence.

Both of them had experienced the fear of almost losing each other, so they cherished each other even more.

Finally, after a long time, Lu Man really could not breathe anymore and she pushed Han Zhuoli away.

Han Zhuoli relaxed slightly but did not want to let her go completely.

He still held her in his arms, his lips touching her lips, which were swollen from his kisses.

Both their breathing became heavy as they touched their noses together.

Their breaths were also mixed together.

As they felt each other clearly and passionately, their hearts were at peace.

Suddenly, Han Zhuoli remembered something.

“I need to tell our family that you are awake.

During these past few days that you were in a coma, the elders have been extremely concerned.”

Lu Man nodded.

Han Zhuoli really did not want to let go of Lu Man.

Because of her experience in the past life of watching Han Zhuolis death, what Lu Man wanted now was to stick to Han Zhuoli like glue; she did not want to leave him for even one second.

Han Zhuoli felt the same.

The two were so clingy..

If people saw, they would definitely feel disgusted.

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