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Chapter 2459: The Door Is Not Locked

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But the two of them, who had almost lost each other, did not think so.

As both of them did not want to let go of each other, Han Zhuoli ended up lying together with Lu Man on the hospital bed.

Lu Mans injury was almost fully recovered.

It was just a small injury anyway.

It would not affect her while lying in the arms of Han Zhuoli.

With Lu Man in his arms, Han Zhuoli called their family members one by one.

The first person he told was Xia Qingwei.

He must first let Xia Qingwei have peace in her heart.

Han Zhuoli only said that Lu Man had woken up.

He did not say anything else.

Xia Qingwei thought that Lu Man had woken up on her own and tears of joy flowed down immediately.

She rushed to the hospital together with Wang Juhuai.

Han Zhuoli spread the news one by one to their grandparents, parents, as well as to Lin Liye, Han Zhuoling, and Han Zhuofeng.

They all stayed in the same hotel so Han Zhuoli could have just asked them to tell each other.

But the news of Lu Man waking up was a big deal, so he told them the news himself.

In the hotel, Xia Qingwei and Wang Juhuai immediately went to find the grandparents.

“Zhuoli just told us as well.

Hurry, lets go together,” said Old Mrs.


The elders, Xia Qingwei, and Wang Juhuai left for the hospital.

At the same time, Shen Nuo and Han Xijin also came out.

With little effort, Lin Liye, Han Zhuoling, and Han Zhuofeng also came out.

Han Zhuoling and Han Zhuofeng had just finished dealing with the matter regarding Wang Qianyun and Lin Jinshu, so they were free.

Thus, everyone went to the hospital together.

Lu Man and Han Zhuoli were having a conversation.

To Han Zhuoli, nine days had passed.

On the other hand, to Lu Man, a lifetime had passed.

Han Zhuoli had been talking to Lu Man while she was in a coma but could not get a reply.

In the same way, Lu Man, as a lonely soul, had thousands of words she had wanted to say to Han Zhuoli, but Han Zhuoli could not hear her.

So now, the two were having an unending conversation.

“Are the elders here” Lu Man suddenly stopped, listening with her ears pricked.

Sounds of talking came from the corridor outside.

Lu Man listened.

There were the voices of Old Mrs.

Han, Xia Qingwei, Shen Nuo, and Lin Liye.

“I think so,” said Han Zhuoli, nodding after listening carefully.

Lu Man quickly pushed Han Zhuoli off the bed.

“Get off the bed first.”

“Whats going on” Han Zhuoli asked in an aggrieved tone.

“It has only been a while and you dont cherish me anymore”

Lu Man: “… ”

In the past life, Han Zhuoli was always alone, and because of that, he did not tell other people about his weakness.

When he was alone, he had no one to talk to, and so he became more and more reserved.

This made her forget that when Han Zhuoli was alone with her, he had such a crazy side.

“No…” explained Lu Man.

“There are so many elders here.

Its not appropriate for them to see us hugging each other and being so clingy in bed.”

Han Zhuoli agreed after giving it a thought.

Furthermore, Lu Man had just woken up.

He knew what had happened, but the elders did not know.

They would think that he was inconsiderate for not letting Lu Man rest after she just had woken up.

So then, Han Zhuoli had no choice but to get out of bed.

But he was still unwilling to leave Lu Man, even if she was just right in front of him.

He was terrified by the fact that she almost could not wake up from her coma.

Even after he got out of bed, he sat down beside it and did not let go of Lu Mans hand.

Old Mrs.

Han reached the door and knocked out of consideration.

“The door is not locked,” Han Zhuoli shouted towards the door as he held Lu Mans hand.

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