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Chapter 2472: The One That I Am Insulting Is Not Human

“Hah!” Lu Qi said sarcastically, “So why are you still acting as the victim Even you tried to gain Wang Juhuais favor.

Because you know that Wang Juhuai is more powerful than your own dad and can bring you benefits, you treat him better than your own dad and dont even see your biological father as your own dad.”

Lu Man said impatiently, “You dont need to use theblood relation card.

You can ask the public whether they would think I am a bad person if I didnt consider Lu Qiyuan as my dad.

However, those in their right mind would not say anything.

Of course, there would be some keyboard warriors standing on their moral high ground and saying things.

There would also be some others who cant see the good in people and must always show off their intelligence by disciplining others.

“Although you dont fall in the same category as them, theres some similarity,” said Lu Man.

While Lu Qi was enraged by what Lu Man said, she was also curious about the similarity.

As a result, Lu Man laughed mockingly as she said, “You are all idiots.”

A barrage of thoughts flew by Zheng Yuans and the others minds, saying, “666[1].”

“You!” Lu Qi was so furious that her mouth became crooked.

“How dare you insult people!”

“I didnt insult anybody.” Lu Man shrugged as she put on an innocent face.

“It doesnt count if the ones I am insulting are not humans.”

Lu Qi was trembling in anger.

Not only did Lu Man call her an idiot, but she also said that she was not human.

Lu Man was too lazy to hang around Lu Qi.

“Stop wasting my time here.

If you have the time, you should go and convince Lu Qiyuan.

That would be more realistic.”

Lu Man said this as if she was advising Lu Qi.

Lu Qi thought that Lu Man must be feeling that she was clever, but cleverness might overreach itself.

She thought that Lu Man just wanted to chase her away and stop her from pestering her, so Lu Man had mentioned Lu Qiyuan.

But Lu Man forgot that Lu Qiyuan might really be useful.

Lu Qi pursed her lips and asked, “Are you not inviting even Dad to your wedding”

“Youre talking about Lu Qiyuan” Lu Man laughed.

“I have a father, so why should I invite him”

“Alright, alright.” Lu Qi nodded slowly.

“So, you will ask Wang Juhuai to walk you down the aisle”

Lu Man had already guessed Lu Qis intention.

Lu Qi wanted to find Lu Qiyuan and cause an argument.

“Yes.” Lu Man nodded without trying to hide anything.

“If you have gotten the answer that you want, you should go and say whatever you want to Lu Qiyuan.

Perhaps these can help you gain some favor from him.”

Lu Qi froze.

Her expression changed from one to another.

She did not think that Lu Man would know all her thoughts!

Suddenly, she did not dare to stay with Lu Man.

It was like none of her thoughts could escape Lu Mans eyes.

She was afraid that the longer she stayed, the more her thoughts would be seen through by Lu Man.

Even the fact that she was getting bullied by the He family and did not gain any benefits was seen clearly by Lu Man.

However, thinking logically, Lu Man could not read minds.

There was no need to be afraid.

But the more she talked to Lu Man, the more fear she had in her heart.

In the end, Lu Qi could not even say goodbye as she fled hurriedly.

Her sudden change shocked Zheng Yuan and the others.

Pan Xue asked directly, “What is going on with Lu Qi all of a sudden Wasnt she being arrogant a while ago Why did she run away all of a sudden Also, she ran away so hurriedly, it was as if someone was chasing her from behind.”

Han Leilei laughed as she said, “Shes probably scared.”

[1] 6 in Chinese represents the word 牛 which means strong or powerful

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