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Chapter 2475: She Would Never Let Others Ruin Her Plan

“I… I was just stating my opinion.

I have no intentions to interfere and make decisions for you.

If you dont like me being so nosy, then I… I wont say anything anymore.”

Seeing that she was feeling uneasy, Lu Qiyuan hugged her immediately.

“How can I I am not upset.

I am just touched.

You stupid little girl, why are you so stupid You always think of me first and never think about your own benefits.

“You said youre not in a rush to get married.

Arent you scared that if it drags on, I wont marry you and would get closer to other women” asked Lu Qiyuan, touched to the core.

They were not like normal couples.

Right now, the whole company knew that Jiang Yujie belonged to him.

If they were to break up, he would not be affected, but Jiang Yujie would become a laughingstock.

In the past, Xia Qingyang had wanted to gain more benefits for herself, which was why she had forced him to divorce Xia Qingwei and marry her.

However, Jiang Yujie was not in a rush to marry for his own sake.

Such a stupid girl!

Jiang Yujie was so terrified that her eyes turned red immediately and tears welled up in them.

Her lips shivered as she asked Lu Qiyuan, “Will… will you not want me Will you abandon me to be with someone else”

“No, I wont!” said Lu Qiyuan.

“Stupid girl, youve been doing everything whole-heartedly for me.

If I abandoned you and wronged you, would I even be human”

Lu Qiyuan hugged her tightly as he talked.

While Lu Qiyuan could not see, Jiang Yujie sneered.

How many times had he done something wrong to people

And now, he pretended as though he was a person who valued relationships.

She spoke about not marrying him because she really did not want to marry him.

For the sake of her elder brother, she was willing to commit to Lu Qiyuan, but she would not marry him and be tied to him.

After all, it would be troublesome if they got married.

“Yujie, dont worry.

We will get our marriage certificate later and we wont have a wedding, but I will not betray you!” said Lu Qiyuan, meaning he agreed with Jiang Yujies suggestion.

How could he not agree

Everything Jiang Yujie suggested was beneficial to him.

Even if Jiang Yujie had not mentioned it, Lu Qiyuan would have thought of a way to coax Jiang Yujie into agreeing.

He did not think that Jiang Yujie would suggest it herself without him coaxing her.

Lu Qiyuan was moved even more.

And after experiencing what had happened with Xia Qingyang, to him, this woman who thought of him whole-heartedly and was willing to do anything for him was too precious.

From his perspective, Jiang Yujie was a little stupid, but he adored her.

“After the company is stable and nobody remembers what happened with us, I will organize a grand wedding for you,” Lu Qiyuan promised.

These words went into Jiang Yujies ear and came out from the other.

But she still said using a kind and sweet voice, “Okay.”

Because of this, Lu Qiyuan trusted Jiang Yujie more and more.

With Jiang Yujie as his assistant, he could have peace of mind as she could handle all kinds of work.

Because of the trust he had in Jiang Yujie, nobody in the company dared to talk bad about her.

Lu Qi had no idea that Jiang Yujie already had this amount of control.

Jiang Yujie was a lot more clever than Xia Qingyang.

Xia Qingyang had invaded only Lu Qiyuans personal life.

But Jiang Yujie controlled his work and his life.

Even if Lu Qiyuan had any bad thoughts and he was controlling his public and private matters, she could find out about them immediately.

She would never let others ruin her plan.

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