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Chapter 2476: True Colors

Even if Lu Qiyuan wanted to go out and “have fun,” he must go through her.

Due to the fact that Jiang Yujie was still Lu Qiyuans assistant, when Lu Qi came, Jiang Yujie was there.

While Lu Qiyuan was in the office, Jiang Yujie stopped Lu Qi outside.

All the employees knew Lu Qi.

Because of the fuss about transferring properties, Lu Qi had ruined her relationship with Lu Qiyuan.

Even though only Xia Qingwei went to jail, people knew the role that Lu Qi had played in all this.

But unlike Xia Qingyang, Lu Qi and Lu Qiyuan were father and daughter.

All the employees knew Lu Qi.

They could not predict the interaction that would occur between Lu Qiyuan and her, but they thought that a father and his daughter could not possibly avoid each other for their entire lives.

Lu Qiyuan had already completely fallen out with Lu Man, but Lu Man and Lu Qiyuan did not have a real relationship.

Now, Lu Man had Wang Juhuai and Han Zhuoli backing her up, so she did not need him.

But Lu Qi was different.

Lu Qi and Lu Qiyuan had had more than 20 years of relationship.

In addition, Lu Qi was a petty person.

If they stopped her and did not let her go in, she would scorn them, who were innocent employees.

Then, what would they do if she and Lu Qiyuan made up

And so, the receptionist did not stop her from going upstairs.

Jiang Yujie saw Lu Qi and stood up to stop her.

“Miss Lu.”

Lu Qi said coldly, “Step aside.”

“Miss Lu, are you looking for the CEO” said Jiang Yujie in a gentle voice.

“The CEO has some important work right now and is not available to see anyone.”

“I am here to find my dad, its none of your business!” Lu Qi said angrily.

“You b*tch, how dare you stop me”

Jiang Yujie stopped smiling and said sternly, “Miss Lu, please show some respect.”

“Huh! Why are you acting You seduced my dad and are still acting professional Piss off!” Lu Qi said angrily.

“When we are in this company, I am the CEOs assistant and we do not talk about our private matters.

I hope that you can also be professional, Miss Lu.

If you really have something to say, you should talk to the CEO privately or wait until he is done with his work.”

Jiang Yujie showed a pondering expression and then said, “How about you have a seat and wait for a while”

“I am here to see my dad.

How dare you tell me what to do I want to see my dad.

No matter how busy he is, he will see me.

This is a matter between father and daughter.

Youre just an outsider.

How shameless of you to tell me what to do.”

When Jiang Yujie saw that Lu Qi was still being extremely shameless, she became too lazy to continue pretending.

Her expression darkened immediately.

Lu Qi saw that Jiang Yujie had started showing a menacing facial expression.

Lu Qi sneered.

“These are your true colors.

You were acting like such goody two shoes, it makes me want to puke.”

Lu Qiyuans taste was as bad as ever; he was always attracted to this type of woman.

Even though her mom was Xia Qingyang, Lu Qi had to say that Lu Qiyuans taste was bad for him to have been attracted to her.

Jiang Yujie smiled coldly and walked towards Lu Qi, almost touching her.

She leaned towards Lu Qis ears and said, “You plotted against your own dad with other people, and now you want to reconcile with him Why What do you need your dads help for Is your husband not helping you with the things concerning the He family Or maybe youre plotting against your dad together with the He family again

“Hehe, if I were you, I wont be so shameless.

Yes, I did seduce your dad, but I did not betray my own family.”

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