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Chapter 2477: Scheme

“Unlike you.

You even set up your own mother just so you can marry He Zhengbai.

Why After youve set her up and the He family is done using you, they decided to wash their hands off and not care anymore”

Jiang Yujie scoffed mockingly.

“Tsk tsk.

You cant get any benefits from the He family, so you came back to look for your father again.

Dont give me that look as if you despise me.

I despise you too.

Given your despicable behavior, what right do you have to look down on others”

“You sl*t! This is none of your business!” Lu Qi was extremely infuriated and just stretched out her hand to push Jiang Yujie away.

“Stay away from me!”

Actually, Lu Qi did not use much strength.

Her hands had only lightly touched Jiang Yujie and she did not even get the chance to exert force before Jiang Yujie suddenly exclaimed “Aiya” and fell backward onto the floor.

Her elbow slammed against the hard floor, making her tears fall instantly from the pain.

Lu Qiyuan had heard the ruckus outside.

When he came out, he happened to see Lu Qi pushing Jiang Yujie down.

“Yujie!” Lu Qiyuan rushed over to protect Jiang Yujie.

Jiang Yujie remained sitting on the floor, leaning into Lu Qiyuans arms.

To make it more real, she had purposely used her elbow to knock against the floor when she was falling down.

At this moment, her face had turned pale from the pain, tears coming out of her eyes.

She did not even need to pretend.

This was definitely the most realistic reaction.

“Qiyuan,” Jiang Yujie said breathlessly in pain.

Lu Qiyuan quickly helped her up and questioned Lu Qi, saying, “Why did come here and make a scene again!”

Jiang Yujie held on to Lu Qiyuans elbow and said, “Miss Lu wants to come and find you, but you were busy working just now, so I asked Miss Lu to wait a while until you are done with work.

Who knew…”

Jiang Yujie hesitated as if she could not bring herself to continue talking, then said, “She got angry and thought… she thought that I am just an outsider, yet I am still telling her what she can and cannot do, so she pushed me down in a fit of anger.”

Lu Qiyuan was indeed enraged.

“Lu Qi, who allowed you to come to my company to make a scene!”

Jiang Yujie quickly pressed on Lu Qiyuans elbow and said, “She was also very angry.

Its probably because she still cant really accept our relationship.

Dont blame her.

This… is quite difficult for people to accept.”

Lu Qi really did not expect that there would actually come a day when she would get schemed on like that!

“Jiang Yujie, stop acting!” Lu Qi said furiously.

“You were clearly the one—”

“Enough!” Lu Qiyuan just cut her off and said, “Who allowed you to come in You can just live your life peacefully with the He family.

I didnt go and settle scores with you, yet you actually had the audacity to come and look for me!”

Jiang Yujie actually wanted to know what exactly Lu Qi came to do.

If it could be useful to Lu Man…

So, Jiang Yujie said to Lu Qiyuan, “Qiyuan, lets not talk here, or else it will let the companys employees make a joke of us again.

“If theres anything to talk about, why dont we go into your office first” Jiang Yujie said in a small voice.

Lu Qi thought it was strange.

Jiang Yujie was actually willing to help her

Wasnt Jiang Yujie trying to stop her from seeing Lu Qiyuan just before

Why was she even taking the initiative to persuade Lu Qiyuan to hear her out now

Lu Qi felt puzzled deep down, but soon after, she thought that this Jiang Yujie was probably thinking of shoring up Lu Qiyuans good impression of her, and so she deliberately pretended to be kind and understanding, as if she even wanted to help them father and daughter patch up.

She pretended to be innocent and with no motives at all, as if she only cared about Lu Qiyuan.

Seeing how Lu Qiyuan looked so happy, Lu Qi then thought that she had guessed Jiang Yujies thoughts correctly.

She lowered her head slightly, pursing her lips in disdain before following Lu Qiyuan into the office.

When she saw that Jiang Yujie actually wanted to come in as well, she immediately said, “This is a family matter between me and my father.

What are you coming in for”

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