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Chapter 2502: Breaking My Heart

At the main table, apart from Wang Juhuai, Xia Qingwei, and Tang Zi, there were Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng—both had aided Lu Man tremendously on her path to success.

She had helped them in return too and viewed them as her uncle and big brother.

They were seated together as Lu Mans family.

Robert and Hayer were also at the same table.

Lu Dongliu and many others from production teams occupied another two tables.

This had happened before Lu Man entered the venue.

Right now, Lu Man was slowly walking down the aisle on Wang Juhuais arm.

Han Zhuoli faced the slowly approaching Lu Man.

When he went to fetch her just now at her bedroom, he got a delightful surprise when he laid eyes on her.

Now, shes here walking towards him, a lone beam of light focused on her while the surroundings were darkened.

As with his intentions behind his design, Lu Mans walk on the red carpet achieved the effect Qin Zigou wanted.

Her gown seemed to glow, the skirts lightly swaying with her steps, glittering in the light.

It was floaty and bright.

When Lu Man entered, Han Zhuolis eyes werent the only ones glued to her; everyones gazes couldnt help but be drawn to her as well.

Particularly the female guests, whose eyes were practically stuck on Lu Mans gown.

Tang Zi was a guest today, and his colleague was in charge of publishing todays news.

Han Zhuoli and Lu Mans wedding caused a massive reaction and anticipation on the Net.

They wished to see how the wedding of the extravangantly rich was like.

Nan Yin had the rights to report on the wedding, so they did a live-stream of it.

It wasnt a video live-stream, but they could post photos.

They could even generate views this way.

“Quickly! Get a few more shots of Lu Mans gown!” Tang Zis colleague ordered.

Everyone was furiously clicking the shutters even without his reminder.

The sound of shutters clicking rang out in that instant, almost drowning out the music.

The guests didnt stay still either.

All posted the pictures that they took on the Net.

Especially the women present, all of whom were envious no matter their age.

“Its too beautiful.

Hows that gown actually designed! How I wish to have such a unique gown for my wedding too.”

“The wedding gowns so pretty.

I wonder who the designer is Desperate for answers.”

“Ah ah ah ah! I have to do another wedding.

This gowns breaking my heart!”

“Young Master Hans pampering his wife on the next level.”

“As a middle-aged person, Im so envious.

I have to find out who the designer is to help my daughter prep her wedding in the future.”

“No exaggeration, but this really is a fairytale wedding.

Everyone cant take their eyes off of Lu Mans gown.”

“No photoshop as its live.

The picture doesnt look that good because of the lighting, but it really looks heavenly in person!”

Soon, Nan Yin also uploaded their photos.

Their professional photos were much better—clear and adjusted for lighting.

Because Han Zhuoli had said they could report the wedding, they had to make sure Lu Man was pretty in all the shots.

The netizens all wondered what brand the gown was when they saw the HD photos.

“Ive searched a few big wedding gown brands and I didnt find any matching this.”

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