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Chapter 2506: He was Different from These Singles

The brothers made up half of the groomsmen!

Its like they were not afraid of others knowing that there were many singles in the Wei Family.

She heard the two brothers greet her.

Old Mrs.

Wei then responded angrily, “Bad!”

Wei Zhiqian and Wei Wucai blinked innocently, wondering what had just happened.

Old Mrs.

Wei said in an angry tone, “This is a table full of singles.

You two are part of this group and you are proud of yourselves Do you think its good to be groomsmen Married people cant be groomsmen! Only singles can be groomsmen!”

Zhao Gushen felt speechless.

If this grandma wanted to scold her grandsons, she should just target her grandsons.

Dont hurt the innocent ones!

Zhao Gushen felt as though he was being scolded as well!

Zhao Gushen raised his hand and scratched his nose as he quietly moved away from Wei Zhiqian and Wei Wucai.

Wei Zhiqian: “…”

Wei Wucai: “…”

Han Zhuoling was unhappy.

He was not single.

How could Old Mrs.

Han group him with the singles

He considered himself different from these singles.

He was not part of this group of singles.

Han Zhuoling, feeling more superior than those singles, held Shi Xiaoyas hands.

He lifted Shi Xiaoyas hand up and showed Old Mrs.

Wei the engagement ring on Shi Xiaoyas left ring finger.

“Grandma Wei, I am innocent.” Han Zhuoling shook Shi Xiaoyas hand twice and said, “I am engaged to Shi Xiaoya.

I will be married soon.

I am not single.”

With this, he stood up, pulling Shi Xiaoya up as well, and he took a step back away from the table.

He then pointed at the table and said, “The remaining people at this table are the singles.”

Everybody was dumbfounded.

Old Mrs.

Wei: “…”

When did Han Zhuoling change his personality

Old Mrs.

Han exclaimed “aiyo” and clapped her hands.

“My grandson is right!”

With this, she dragged Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya while saying, “Lets go.

You two should not be at this table.

Sit at the main table with me.”

“Alright.” Immediately, Han Zhuoling nodded, behaving like a good kid.

As he left with Old Mrs.

Han, he looked back and waved goodbye to the table full of singles.

Old Mrs.

Wei: “…”

Everybody was dumbfounded.

“Hmph!” Old Mrs.

Wei scoffed at the singles remaining at the table and said, “Arent you all proud to be sitting at this table!”

With this, she left.

Everybody was dumbfounded.

They were just here to be groomsmen and bridesmaids! They did not do anything to provoke anyone!

They were innocent victims who were being mocked ruthlessly for no reason at all.

Wei Wucai sneered and commented, “Your big brother is so mean.”

Han Zhuofeng thought Han Zhuoling was a little mean as well.

How could he have just abandoned them while showing that he was superior for not being single!

Zhao Gushen said in a tone that seemed to be implying that he had been mistreated, “I think I am just an innocent person embroiled in this situation.”

He said to Wei Zhiqian and Wei Wucai, “Old Mrs.

Wei was scolding you two in the beginning.

But then, it affected all of us.”

Zheng Yuan and the three were initially outsiders, but they were unexpectedly also scolded indirectly by Old Mrs.


They did not know whether they should be sad or proud.

It was true that they were singles and they were quite sad about it.

However, they also… felt slightly proud that they could be scolded with the members of the eight great families.

They just did not expect that the people they considered high up in the air could act so down to earth during private conversations.

It felt as though they werent actually considered superior and high-class by society.

They were so friendly and easy to befriend.

“Yes!” Yan Zhiqing agreed with Zhao Gushen as she added, “You two are old single men who are experiencing difficulty with finding a girlfriend.

As for the rest of us, we can easily stop living the single life.”

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