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Chapter 2507: The Pot Calling the Kettle Black

Wei Zhiqian argued, “How can you say that I dont mind you saying that you are not in a hurry to get in a relationship since you are young, but dont group Old Zhao with you all.

“He is also an old single man.

He should not be in the same category as you guys,” Wei Zhiqian explained.

Wei Wucai: “…”

Was that important

Wei Zhiqian then continued saying, “Besides, is your young age the reason why you are single You are all single because you cant find anyone! If all you youngsters were unable to get into a relationship, do you think the old ones can find someone”

Everybody was dumbfounded.

This sharp tongue must be a genetic trait of the Wei Family.

It started with Old Mrs.


Then, it was Wei Zhiqian.

Lastly, it was Wei Wucai.

The members of this family were toxic!

Their words could stab you to death.

Most importantly, the words stabbed where it would hurt the most.

Zhao Gushen felt speechless.

He thought he was innocent.

He thought the ones being scolded were just the members of the Han Family and the Wei Family.

He, whose surname was Zhao, was innocent.

There was also Yan Zhiqing, whose surname was Yan.

Speaking of that, Yan Zhiqing was also not considered young.

And so, Zhao Gushen secretly gave Yan Zhiqing a gentle jerk and asked, “Do you want to sit at another table Its all members of the Han Family and the Wei Family at this table.

There are too many members of the Wei Family and its a little dangerous.”

Yan Zhiqing gave it some thought and agreed with Zhao Gushens reasoning.

She thought about forcing Zheng Yuan and the others to sit at another table with her.

As the leader of Shadowless in the Mount Lan Compound, Wei Wucai had very good hearing.

He had heard everything Zhao Gushen said.

Before Zhao Gushen and Yan Zhiqing could move, Wei Wucai gave Zhao Gushen a glare.

Zhao Gushen felt speechless.

Why was he glaring at him

Zhao Gushen really felt like this wedding ceremony was just a battlefield.

Wei Wucai said, “My brother is right.”

Wei Zhiqians tongue was too sharp, which was why he didnt even get a chance to show his ability with words.

However, he now knew why Wei Zhiqian could never get out of the single life.

He understood that Wei Zhiqians situation was no better than his situation when it came to the single life.

If people knew what Wei Wucai was thinking, they would say, “Tsk! So you do know why you have been single”

“You must find the true reason why you are single.

Dont blame it on age and ignore the actual reason,” Wei Wucai said with a faint smile.

Yan Zhiqing, being the hot-tempered one, thought to herself, How could Wei Wucai laugh at me, the young one, when he is so old

Was Wei Wucai implying that she was single because no one liked her

Yan Zhiqing suddenly stood up.

The atmosphere she emanated caused everyone at the table to feel fear.

Zheng Yuan and the other two quickly hugged each other, forming into a circle as they muttered, “Seni… Senior…”

However, their voices were too soft and Yan Zhiqing did not hear them.

Zhao Gushen secretly moved away from Yan Zhiqing.

This table was a battlefield and it was not safe at all.

Yan Zhiqing suddenly leaned close to Wei Wucai, ensuring that their faces were positioned on the same level.

She then pointed at herself on the nose and said, “Look at the face of Yan Zhiqing, your better! Do I look like someone whom no one likes There are many who pursue me.

I am single because I dont like any of them.

Do you understand”

Yan Zhiqing tilted her chin up and said, “Dont put me in the same category as you.

I am not of the same level as you.

You are the one who is finding it difficult to get out of the single life.”

If Wei Wucai wanted to get out of the single life, he would need to watch his mouth first.

However, considering how things had played out at this table, it would be very difficult for him to guard his mouth.

Yan Zhiqing pursed her lips as she thought, How could Wei Wucai laugh at me

This was basically the pot calling the kettle black.

Wei Wucai tapped the table twice and said, “You better keep your voice down.

Not only are there reporters here, but there are also many guests.

They are looking at you as you point at yourself on the nose and call yourself my better.

Do you not care about your image”

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