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Chapter 2508: Does the Food Taste Bad or Do I Look Bad

“…” Yan Zhiqing froze.

She still had to take care of her image.

She swung her hand and sat down.


Although Shi Xiaoya followed Han Zhuoling back to the mens main table, her attention was still on Wei Wucais table.

She did not know what Wei Wucai and Yan Zhiqing were fighting about, but it looked lively.

Han Zhuoling had just picked up some crab meat and placed it on Shi Xiaoyas plate when he saw Shi Xiaoya turning her head and looking at Wei Wucais table while drinking her orange juice.

He said in frustration, “Why do you keep looking at them Does the food taste bad or do I look bad”


Shi Xiaoya did not expect him to say this so abruptly, and she almost spat out her orange juice.

But she could not spit out her orange juice.

So Shi Xiaoya immediately swallowed it.

Then, she choked.

“Cough Cough! Cough Cough!”

Shi Xiaoya was coughing nonstop in agony.

Tears even came out.

The juice went into her nose and it was uncomfortable.

Han Zhuoling immediately patted her back.

“What did I say to make you have such a big reaction Youre really…”

Seeing how Shi Xiaoya was so uncomfortable, Han Zhuoling also became worried.

He poured her a cup of water.

“Endure it for a while.

Drink a few sips and you will feel better.”

Shi Xiaoya coughed until her throat and nose were painful.

She only felt better after she drank a few sips of water.

When the grandma at the same table saw that Shi Xiaoya was alright, she shook her head.

She never would have expected that Han Zhuoling would be so bold now.

He could even say words like “does the food taste bad or do I look bad” in such a natural manner, so Shi Xiaoya was not to be blamed for choking on her drink.

Yet the culprit Han Zhuoling still looked innocent and did not think there was anything wrong with his words.

After the wedding, according to tradition, the hotel would give the newlyweds a free room to stay in.

But Lu Man did not want to stay in a hotel.

After going through such a nauseating event, she missed home even more.

She wanted to stay in their house with Han Zhuoli.

In their previous life, Han Zhuoli had stayed alone in the house and remained single until the end of his life.

Whenever Lu Man thought about the emptiness of the house during the time when she was floating around Han Zhuoli as a ghost, she would get flashbacks of the time when she was in this house.

When Han Zhuoli was sitting alone on the couch, she would get flashbacks of herself and Han Zhuoli sitting on the couch and watching television together.

However, the two rarely sat down properly.

Sometimes, Han Zhuoli would lie on her shoulder or her lap and Lu Man would sometimes lean in his arms.

However, during the life in which she fell unconscious, Han Zhuoli was the only one that she kept thinking about.

When Han Zhuoli sat in the dining room to eat, Lu Man would get flashbacks of herself sitting opposite Han Zhuoli in the dining room.

She would get flashbacks of herself chatting and joking with Han Zhuoli.

She saw herself talking to Han Zhuoli.

Such a warm scene.

So different from the cold scene of Han Zhuoli being alone.

When Han Zhuoli woke up in the morning and went to the dressing room to pick his clothes, tie, and watch, Lu Man thought of how she went to the dressing room with him every morning.

She would even touch him accidentally while changing sometimes.

Every time she touched him, he would pull her into his arms.

He would do that while saying, “You are flirting with me early in the morning.”

He would say that while kissing her.

In every corner of Han Zhuolis house, there was a memory of them.

The more she watched Han Zhuoli being alone, the more flashbacks of them being together emerged.

These flashbacks were unstoppable.

Therefore, when Lu Man had woken up, she wanted to stay at home whenever possible.

The house was a place filled with memories of her and Han Zhuoli.

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