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Chapter 2510: Good Temper

Lu Man didnt dare to observe blatantly.

She could only pretend that she was eating.

And so, she ate quietly and did not say anything.

Coincidentally, Shi Xiaoya was doing the same thing.

The two were observing so attentively that they could only eat the food in front of them.

Han Zhuoling and Han Zhuoli thought that they would still be eating even if it was just plain rice in their bowl.

And so, they did their part and put more food on their plates.

Shi Xiaoya and Lu Man did not even know what was on their plates.

They were just shoving food in their mouths.

Wei Zhiqian, who was at the side, complained, “You have no idea how sad we were today.

All the groomsmen and bridesmaids were sitting together at a table.

This was completely normal.

Yet my grandma said with a contemptuous tone that we were a group of singles and that this was a table full of singles.

“Brother Ling was so mean.

He announced that he was not single and left with Xiaoya.” Wei Zhiqian continued with a pained expression, “So what if we were a table full of singles Are we the ones to be blamed We dont want to be single either.”

Yan Zhiqing felt very speechless as her mouth twitched.

She was thinking that Wei Zhiqian shouldnt use the word “we” if he couldnt find a girlfriend.

His use of words made it seem like it was difficult for her to get out of the single life too.

Shi Xiaoya cleared her throat and asked Yan Zhiqing, “Zhiqing, what type of guys do you like”

Yan Zhiqing didnt hesitate when she answered, “Good-tempered.

He must let me win and coax me.

When I am angry, he shouldnt be angry.

No matter how angry he might be, he should always try to reason with me.

He must never leave out of anger.”

Yan Zhiqing propped her face on her hands as she said, “I care most about the personality.

Besides this, I dont have other requirements.”

Wei Wucai lifted his brow as he thought to himself, The fact that Yan Zhiqing can describe it right away indicates that she has been thinking about it for a long time.

“What a coincidence! Xiao Cai also wants someone with a good temper,” Wei Zhiqian said with a smile.

Yan Zhiqing said with a fake smile, “He has to find someone with a good temper.

His sharp tongue can easily piss off a girl.

If the girl tolerates him and stays, she must have an extremely good temper.

Such a girl is not easy to find.”

Wei Wucai took a sip of his beer and said, “Without even thinking, you could describe the type of boy you like.

This means you took your time thinking about this.

You didnt look like someone who has a heart for marriage.”

“Take your bullsh*t away! If I want to date someone, of course I would have a type that I like.

This is not something you need to think about.

Its been decided a long time ago!” Yan Zhiqing said angrily.

“With your hot temper, you would need to find someone who has a very good temper too.” Wei Wucai sighed and said, “It would be very hard for you too.”

“You dont have to worry about whether or not Ill be able to find a boyfriend.” Yan Zhiqing went “hmph” as she argued.

Wei Wucai laughed and said, “I will find my gentle and cute girl.”

Yan Zhiqing could only laugh in response to his statement.

Wei Wucai laughed as well.

Lu Man was trying to watch both of them at the same time.

Her one pair of eyes was not enough for this observation of two individuals.

She whispered to Shi Xiaoya, “They are basically enemies.”

“But they are quite funny and playful, arent they” Shi Xiaoya said with a happy smile.

Lu Man thought about it and agreed as she continued watching the interaction with Shi Xiaoya.

When the appreciation ceremony ended, everyone left, one after the other.

Because they all drank, they were picked up by their drivers.

As Wei Wucai was rarely in B City, he did not have a driver.

Wei Zhiqian then sent Wei Wucai back to his place before he went home.

Wei Wucai came out of the car and stepped past the gate of the villa.

As he walked into the courtyard, he noticed that the lights in the house were still on.

However, it wasnt very late as it was only around 9 PM.

It would be normal if his parents were still awake.

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