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Chapter 2515: Peep In

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Lu Mans mind cleared up instantly.

She looked up at him and asked, “Why Why did you suddenly think of this”

Han Zhuoli left her lips.

He looked down and stared at her carefully as he said, “I just want to see how you look like in a wedding dress again.

“I havent even seen enough, but you already changed out of your wedding dress when it was time to go around toasting the guests.” She had changed into her evening gown.

Han Zhuoli said, “I didnt even get to look at you in detail.

And there were too many people at the wedding.

So many people saw it.

I want to look at you wearing it in private.

How could I get the same treatment as them”

It was a little troublesome to wear that wedding dress.

But since Han Zhuoli wanted to see it, Lu Man thought about it, and she also wanted to wear it just for him to see too.

Just for him to see, not for anyone else.

Lu Man felt that doing this actually felt a little romantic.

“Wait for a while, Ill go and change,” Lu Man said.

“Mm.” Han Zhuoli immediately nodded happily, just that his voice still sounded really hoarse.

That slightly hoarse voice melted Lu Mans heart, making her legs go weak.

She almost could not get up.

Lu Man blushed.

She cleared her throat and quickly held the wall for support to walk away.

It had been quite a while since they got together, but she still could not resist this man at all.

This man seemed to be ever so seductive no matter how long they had been together.

Lu Man quickly went to the dressing room.

Although it was a dressing room, it was actually the size of three living rooms.

After they came back in the afternoon, Lu Man had already put the wedding dress back in properly.

She thought to herself that she might not get a chance to wear it again next time.

For a woman, if she had good fortune, she would only wear it once in her lifetime.

But who would have thought Han Zhuoli would want to see her wear it once more tonight

In the end, she took out the wedding dress shed thought she would never wear again.

The design of the wedding dress appeared to look simple, but actually, each and every detail of the dress was very complicated.

So Lu Man expended quite some effort to put it on.

But she did not want Han Zhuoli to come over to help her.

She just wanted to let Han Zhuoli see how she looked after shed worn the wedding dress.

She did not want to let him see the process of her putting it on.

The process of putting it on did not look nice at all, after all, and she even looked a little unglamorous while trying to wear it.

That was not romantic at all.

Lu Man was done putting on the wedding dress.

There was a wide, floor-length mirror in the dressing room, which allowed her to see her whole getup clearly.

Her long hair flowing down looked a little mismatched with the wedding dress.

But she did not know how to style her hair the same way it looked during the wedding, so she could only tie her hair in a loose bun.

Because she had removed her makeup long ago, Lu Man could only go and let Han Zhuoli see her with her bare face.

She just felt that it did not look as good as when she wore it in the day.

Hence, when Lu Man came back, she did not feel that confident and carefully hid outside the door, revealing only her face first as she peeped in.

Han Zhuoli had been waiting the entire time.

He had been very patient and did not rush her.

Then he saw that when Lu Man finally came back, she only peeped her head in.

Why was she so cute

Han Zhuoli smiled until his eyes squinted and asked, “Why are you not coming in but just peeping your head in”

“Im not wearing makeup, so Im afraid that the effect would not be as good now that Im wearing the wedding dress again.

I might even make it seem as if my face is very pale, so it wont look nice,” Lu Man said honestly.

“Why would you think so” Han Zhuoli laughed and said, “Dont I see you every day without makeup And your bare face looks very good.”

Han Zhuoli took a step forward and said gently, “Your skin is soft.

Even if you didnt wear makeup, your pores still cant be seen.

When you smile, a very natural blush makes your cheeks flush with a rosy glow, which looks better than any kind of blusher.

“Your lips…” Han Zhuoli lifted his hand and pointed at his own lip.

“Its moist, has the color of a rose..

Aside from lip balm, you actually dont even need to use lipstick.”

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