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Chapter 2519: Were You Thinking About Doing Something

Han Zhuoli propped Lu Man up to sit.

Lu Man still looked like a boneless lump of meat.

After she had eaten the candy, her throat felt cold and much better.

Her voice sounded more normal.

However, it was so painful that even after she woke up, she did not want to move at all.

Leaning on the pillow, she tilted her head lazily towards Han Zhuoli until it fell on his shoulder.

“I dont want to get up.

I dont want to move.”

Lu Man pouted and said, “Lazy.”

Han Zhuoli turned his head and kissed her lips a few times.

“Then, are you hungry”

“I dont feel hungry now but I might be later.”

Lu Man raised her arm and placed it on her stomach.

Even the movement of raising her arm made Lu Mans arm extremely sore.

Just because of this, she did not want to get out of bed today.

Lu Man was thinking about it and said out loud, “I dont want to get out of bed today.”

Who knew that right after Lu Man said that, Han Zhuoli would say proudly, “I didnt know I was this strong.”

Lu Man: “… ”

“I thought those who said that they made women stay in bed for the whole day were just bluffing.

I didnt know that it could actually be done.” Han Zhuoli lowered his head and smiled at Lu Man.

That expression was so arrogant.

Lu Man felt a sudden need to slap his face.

“Then how about… I dont get out of bed either” Han Zhuoli rolled and hugged Lu Man.

From his expression, it did not look like he had something serious in mind.

Lu Man immediately pushed him on the chest.

“Its daytime.

You cant do it again.”

Han Zhuoli smirked.

“Do what I didnt want to do anything.

I just wanted to hug you to sleep.”

Han Zhuoli raised his eyebrows and asked, “Were you thinking about doing something”

Lu Man knew him very well to know that he was purposely embarrassing her.

Lu Man kicked him straight away.

“I hate you! I didnt think of anything!”

Han Zhuoli said he wanted to hug her to sleep but his hand was being cheeky and holding her waist.

Her waist was so thin that he could hold almost half of her waist with one hand.

Lu Man felt that his hand was still moving down cheekily.

Lu Man could not take it anymore and buried herself in his arms.

“Didnt you say you want to sleep again”

“I will sleep after I am done touching.” Han Zhuolis lips were touching her ear.

Because the two had had a wedding, they were considered newlyweds once again.

So Butler Xiao Wang and Auntie He were not around.

They emptied the house to give the two a world of their own, without anyone to disturb their honeymoon.

So Lu Man was very bold last night.

Not only did she wear a wedding dress for him to see, but even when he wanted to be fierce, she did not hold back her voice with all the moaning.

No matter how loud she was, she did not need to worry about other people hearing.

Now that they have just finished their wedding, even if they did not get out of bed for the whole day, they would not feel embarrassed.

They did not get out of bed because they were sleeping, but if Butler Xiao Wang and Auntie He thought they were doing it in the room for the whole day, it would be so embarrassing.

So now, the two felt relaxed.

“It hurts!” Lu Man angrily poked his waist.

“Where does it hurt” asked Han Zhuoli as he gently squeezed.


Lu Man snuggled in his arms.

“It feels sore everywhere.

It hurts everywhere.

There isnt a specific place that hurts.

It hurts everywhere!”

Lu Man spoke with her eyes filled with complaints.

Han Zhuoli also knew how bad he was last night, and after hearing Lu Man say that, he said, “Then I will give you a massage.”

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