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Chapter 2527: Who Doesnt Know How to Act

That kind of pride, put on someone elses face, might make people feel that it was mismatched, that the person looked way too arrogant, making people dislike them.

But on Yan Zhiqings face, it looked so nice and suitable.

It did not make one feel annoyed at all and actually made one feel that her proud little look actually looked quite cute.

Yan Zhiqing did not turn around, yet she knew that Wei Wucai was behind her the entire time.

She thought to herself that it was such a coincidence that they were walking in the same direction all the while.

Then, when she stopped at the door to her room, she turned and said to Wei Wucai, “Im here.”

Wei Wucai nodded and explained, “I still need to walk further down.”

Yan Zhiqing thought to herself, If you need to walk further down, you can just walk further down.

You dont need to explain it to me.

Yan Zhiqing nodded clumsily while Mou Danqiong knocked on the door at the side.

Right after that, the door to the room opened.

When the door was opened for a brief moment, Wei Wucai saw that the room was filled with people.

And coincidentally, he even knew who those people inside were.

After all, he was from the Wen Familys intelligence department.

The faces of these people had been etched in his mind long ago.

Before the door closed, he saw Yan Zhiqing bow slightly to the people inside and say, “My apologies, I made everyone wait.”

Wei Wucai smirked a little.

This little girl had quite a nice attitude towards other people.

How come she behaved towards him with so much dislike

The moment she saw him, shed only have rude words for him.

The door closed behind Yan Zhiqing.

Wei Wucai could no longer see her, so he continued walking ahead.

In the room, Yan Zhiqing smiled and apologized.

Everyone naturally said, “Miss Yan, youre not late.

We came early.”

“I should have come a little earlier,” Yan Zhiqing said as she smiled.

She walked over to the empty seat and then saw that sitting opposite her was actually Lu Xiuse.

Why was she here too

Yan Zhiqing felt a little shocked.

She thought that she was the only one coming to discuss today.

Yan Zhiqing looked at the higher-ups from Trubo.

The higher-ups from the local company branch as well as the foreign headquarters were all here.

The country branch CEO, CEO Luo, and the Deputy CEO, Deputy CEO Zhang, were both smiling.

That CEO Luo simply looked like a wily old fox.

She heard him say, “Miss Yan, we invited Miss Lu over as well so that we can all get to know each other.

After all, its not easy for Mr.

Edwood and Mr.

Chanders to make a trip here, and they cant stay here for too long.

If they meet everyone one by one, it will take quite a lot of time.

“After all, your schedules are all very packed, and its quite difficult to coordinate.

How nice that both of you have time today.

We can all then sit down together to have a chat,” CEO Luo said as he smiled.

“Zhiqing, did you think you were the only one invited for the meal this time so you misunderstood” Lu Xiuse said.

She even deliberately said that in English so that Edwood and Chanders could easily understand.

She made it sound as if Yan Zhiqing was a conceited person who thought that the brand endorsement deal was hers for sure.

Indeed, Edwood and Chanders both looked at Yan Zhiqing.

They had indeed planned to speak only to Yan Zhiqing at first.

But CEO Luo and Deputy CEO Zhang had both suggested bringing Lu Xiuse along, seeing as the two of them preferred to hire Lu Xiuse.

It was mainly because Edwood and Chanders were not familiar with the situation in the country.

When they heard CEO Luo and Deputy CEO Zhang speak about it, the latter made it sound quite logical and reasonable, so they had agreed.

Lu Xiuse was two years older than Yan Zhiqing, but the two of them debuted at around the same time and were the young and rising female celebrities of the same era.

There was no difference in seniority between them.

Lu Xiuse therefore did not go easy on Yan Zhiqing.

Everyone was an actor.

Who didnt know how to act

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