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Chapter 2531: Humble

She then thought of her unlucky son who was still single.

Then she took the chance to ask them to have a meal together and called Wei Wucai.

Dong Muping was not scared that Wei Wucai would not come.

He rarely came back.

She knew that her son was obedient.

If she said she wanted to eat with Wei Wucai, Wei Wucai would definitely come.

Dong Muping also knew that Wei Wucai was smart and would definitely know her true intentions.

Wei Wucai had already promised her that he would go on blind dates, so Dong Muping was not even worried that Wei Wucai would not come.

But when Wei Wucai came in, Dong Muping still let out a sigh of relief.

This son was as dependable as ever.

Wei Wucai stopped and greeted courteously, “Mrs.

Luo and Miss Luo.”

Even though he was not passionate, he was well-mannered.

In Mrs.

Luos eyes, he was very satisfactory.

To Mrs.

Luo, Wei Wucai looked very dependable and mature.

It was not important for a man to know how to sweet-talk a woman.

It was more important for a man to be calm and steady so that he and his wife can live a good life together.

Since this was a blind date, love was not important.

If both could accept each other and if the guy was dependable and could ensure that her daughter would still live a good life after marriage, then all was well.


Luos first impression of Wei Wucai was at least very good.

“Hello.” Mrs.

Luo smiled, satisfied.

She then said to Dong Muping, “Your son is such a fine-looking man; he is so handsome.

From what you said before, you were being too humble.”

Who wouldnt like it when others compliment their children

Dong Muping smiled so happily that it seemed as if her eyes had curved into crescents.

“You are flattering me.”


Luo covered her mouth as she laughed.

“If I had such an outstanding son, I would bring him out every day to show off.

Youre such a good person; youre too humble.”

They had heard that Dong Muping had a son, but they did not know what he looked like.

There were many people who guessed that maybe her son was very ordinary, so she felt ashamed to bring him out or talk about him to other people.

The people from the Wei Family were all very outstanding.

Whether it was men or women, they looked good.

Wei Rongxuan, who had divorced because she and her ex-husband fought too much, was made known through many news articles about her affairs.

However, it was undeniable that Wei Rongxuan had a beautiful face; a face so beautiful that it could bring doom to the kingdom and its people.

And so, many people guessed that Wei Wucai looked ordinary, and Dong Muping chose not to talk about him to prevent people from comparing him with the other members of the Wei Family.

Now, looking at him, they found he was not ordinary at all.

He was extraordinary.

Wei Wucais looks, not only among the Wei Family but even in the whole country, were one of the tops.

Instead of saying he looked handsome, it was more suitable to say he looked gorgeous.

He was gorgeous but not girly.

He still looked manly.

How did he manage to appear both gorgeous and manly


Luo and Luo Qingxian thought it was weird.

Usually, boys who looked pretty would make people think that they were too girly.

However, Wei Wucai did not emanate that type of aura.

He showed this calm manliness that made people feel at peace.

They did not know that it was because Wei Wucai had trained at Mount Lan Compound from a young age.

Naturally, he had built a masculine body.

With his clothes on, he looked skinny, like a model.

But actually, his muscles, though they were not as huge as those of bodybuilders, had beautiful and strong lines.

Back then, the thing that Fang Jiaran loved to do the most was to find a perfect spot to observe the training done by the men at Mount Lan Compound.

This was because no matter what season it was, hot or cold, they trained without their shirts on.

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