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Chapter 2534: Dont Have Any Relation at All

Only then would she feel proud when she brought him out.

If not, when her best friends saw that her husband was pretty useless in all other aspects aside from having good looks, she would definitely be ridiculed to death by them and not be on par with them.

“Why did you think of doing this job” Luo Qingxian asked.

“The Wei Family has so many businesses and properties.

You can enter any of those companies, right If nothing else, starting your own small business would have been good too.

If you work for other people, how difficult would that be”

If you work for other people, you wont earn a lot too, right

Wei Wucai secretly raised a brow in his heart and said, “I am not suited to running a business, lest I empty my family fortune.

Our Wei Familys requirements are very strict.

You cant enter the company just because you want to.

My capability isnt good enough, so I didnt manage to get in.

My parents also know that Im not cut out for business and might make us go bankrupt, so they might as well let me go out and work a stable job.

Thats what I think too.

“Anyway, even if I dont earn much from my job, I am from the Wei Family, after all.

My family would get its fair share of dividends from our family businesses as well.

But the dividends all belong to my father.

I dont have any.

In the future, I will at most inherit my fathers shares,” Wei Wucai said.

“After all, my family isnt part of the direct family line of the main family,” Wei Wucai said a little self-deprecatingly.

When Luo Qingxian heard that, she felt that Wei Wucai was a little too useless.

He just had a good-looking face and had the title of the Wei Family with him, but in fact, he had nothing.

Even if the two of them really got together, that would not be considered a union between the two families.

Because he had no say in the Wei Family, much less for the familys business matters.

Then that was not much use for her family either.

But Luo Qingxian still found it a little difficult to part with Wei Wucais looks.


Wei, have you ever thought of coming out to start your own business Even if youre doing investigative work, you can open your own business for something related to that,” Luo Qingxian said.

Wei Wucai finally could not take it.

He raised an eyebrow and asked, “Miss Luo, we dont have any relation at all yet and youre already anxiously trying to plan for my future”

Luo Qingxians face instantly reddened when Wei Wucai exposed her intentions so directly.

“I didnt mean it that way.”

“Then whatever it is that I do, does that have anything to do with you” Wei Wucai did not try to be polite at all.

Previously, he had given his agreement to Dong Muping that he would restrain himself and not say things that would make the other party unhappy.

But he really did not have any feelings for this Luo Qingxian, so he planned to just get things over and done with after having a polite meal with her.

It would not be good if he just abandoned her there without a thought after her mother had left her behind.

This would not be appropriate, and it would put Dong Muping in a spot too.

Alas, this Luo Qingxian was actually really planning on having a blind date to try and find out what exactly he worked as.

He naturally could not tell her about Mount Lan Compound, so he secretly changed the topic to make Luo Qingxian look down on him and give up on her own accord.

The people who came from these families mostly looked down on others and were utterly prideful.

They would naturally look down on the kind of job he had just described.

But then, while it would have been fine if she only looked down on it, she actually even tried to plan and scheme for him and kept trying to get him to start his own business and make it out on his own.

She really had to put in so much effort for him.

Wei Wucai strongly resisted the urge to roll his eyes.

This was only their first time meeting, and they were just having a meal together.

On their first time meeting for a meal, she had already pushed the progress all the way to marriage.

She could be said to be really positive and to have a lot of initiative.

Luo Qingxians embarrassment turned into anger due to his words.

And as he was spot on about her intentions, it made it even more difficult for her to back down.

Luo Qingxians expression stiffened and she said, “I was just giving you a suggestion.”

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