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Chapter 2542: Everything in Life Depends on Acting

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It was as if she was not even worthy of him.

She instantly felt utterly infuriated.

After CEO Luo asked, Luo Qingxian said mockingly, “Hes not anyone important.

Were not close.”

After saying that, Luo Qingxian felt that this was not satisfying enough, so she said, “Just now, he said he was coming out to take a call.

I didnt see him come back in even after a waiting for a long time.

I was wondering if he didnt settle the bill and just left on his own first, so I came out to take a look.

Who knew he was actually causing trouble here.”

Yan Zhiqing raised an eyebrow and understood what she implied.

She tiptoed and leaned close to Wei Wucai, whispering into his ear to ask, “Youre on a blind date”

Wei Wucai: “…”

Wei Wucais ear twitched a little, but he did not reply.

Yan Zhiqing had suddenly leaned in so closely.

Her breaths touched his ear, making the tips of Wei Wucais ears redden a little.

“But why would she think youre someone who wouldnt even pay for a meal” Yan Zhiqing asked, feeling confused.

She seemed to not notice at all that while she was speaking, her breaths constantly blew on Wei Wucais ear.

Its true that she always bickered with Wei Wucai and felt that Wei Wucai had low EQ and looked destined to be single.

But she did not think that Wei Wucai was a person who would not even want to pay the bill for a meal.

Anyway, he was the famous head of the Shadowless in Mount Lan Compound.

How would he behave as Luo Qingxian had described

Yan Zhiqing thought about it.

Luo Qingxian probably did not know what Wei Wucai worked as.

Wei Wucais eyebrow twitched slightly, and he suddenly turned around.

Yan Zhiqing did not expect him to suddenly turn around, so she did not manage to step back in time.

Her lips were still by the side of his ear, so the moment he turned his head around, their lips were at most only a centimeter apart.

They could feel each others breaths.

This distance was way too romantic.

Yan Zhiqing did not expect it at all and was stunned for a moment.

After a few seconds, she regained her senses and quickly stepped back.

Wei Wucai asked in a low voice, “And why do you trust me so much”

“…” Yan Zhiqing said, feeling a little uncomfortable, “Besides saying nasty things, you dont do other things.

Of course I can trust you with this.”

The corners of Wei Wucais lips curved up subconsciously, unknown to him.

Given the way the two of them looked when they spoke in hushed voices, coupled with the faint smile at the corners of Wei Wucais lips, the relationship between the two of them looked way too intimate.

Luo Qingxian scoffed coldly.

No wonder Wei Wucai was so nonchalant towards her.

So he was already together with Yan Zhiqing.


Wei,” Luo Qingxian said in a cold voice.

“If youre not willing to meet me, you didnt have to.

Why do you have to still come and meet someone else and humiliate them when you already have a girlfriend”

Luo Qingxian scoffed and said, “Youre not accomplished in your career, but youre quite accomplished when it comes to having romantic relationships with women.”

What did she mean not accomplished in his career

Yan Zhiqing was dumbfounded by her words.

What did Luo Qingxian think that he did for a living

Hold up!

Was this the time to be curious about why Wei Wucai appeared to be unaccomplished in his career

Luo Qingxian already misunderstood that she and Wei Wucai were a couple!

Yan Zhiqing just could not stand Luo Qingxians arrogant attitude.

Who did she think she was, putting on airs in front of her

Yan Zhiqing suddenly pinched Wei Wucai on his elbow.

Wei Wucai got a shock.

He clutched his elbow and stared at Yan Zhiqing, “What are you doing”

He had just helped her, yet this girl just turned around and hit him in return!

“You still have the cheek to ask me” Yan Zhiqing said angrily.

“Tell me, whats going on between you and her You dare to go on a blind date behind my back”

Yan Zhiqing pinched him again.

Wei Wucai: “…”

Was Yan Zhiqing acting right now

He really got to give it to Yan Zhiqing.

As an actress, she even brought acting into her own life.

Did everything in life depend on acting

“Wasnt it just because I had a kissing scene with someone else in my previous film Youre not happy about it, so you came over on a blind date to make me angry” Yan Zhiqing pinched him again and said, “Wei Wucai, do you still have a conscience!”

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