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Chapter 2548: Why Do You Think I Like Her

Wei Wucai spent most of his time on Mount Lan Compound.

Yan Zhiqing, on filming.

When did they have the chance to meet and fall in love

Unless it was when Yan Zhiqing was attending events and filming at T City

Wei Wucai felt it wasnt good to be denying it first as a guy.

He didnt have a low EQ.

Yan Zhiqing quickly waved her hands in denial.

“Its not like that! Its just that someone…”

Yan Zhiqing turned to Wei Wucai.

“I seem to recall you addressed her as Miss Luo, right”

Wei Wucai nodded.

Yan Zhiqing then continued, “Its only that that Miss Luo was looking down on Wei Wucai! She said he was an unaccomplished and unambitious bum, even questioning his ability to pay for the meal! Coincidentally, she assumed I was Wei Wucais girlfriend, and since the misunderstandings already there, I had to put on an act for her! She can choke on her own spit for looking down on others!”

The corners of Wei Wucais lips quirked up.

He had felt he was being protected by this lass back at Sheng Yue just now.

And it turned out to be true.

He was physically and mentally sharp, never requiring a ladys protection before.

This was the first time, and its rather interesting.

He didnt dislike it, nor did he feel that Yan Zhiqing was a busybody or had fallen prey to his machismo.

Instead, Wei Wucai turned to gaze at Yan Zhiqings side profile.

Who knew this proud and wilful-looking girl had a cute personality

“Wait.” Yan Beicheng was shocked.

“Why did you stand up for him when he was being looked down on by that Miss Luo Hes a grown man who can handle himself, he doesnt need you to do it for him!”

Yan Zhiqing: “…”

Her brother made sense, and shed only just realized it.

Yan Zhiqing threw Wei Wucai a look before saying, “I was curious too.

Hes so good with words usually and makes others speechless, never showing mercy no matter who they are.

Why did he put up with Miss Luo for so long”

Yan Zhiqing pursed her lips, muttering, “Hope I didnt mess things up with my goodwill”

Yan Zhiqing turned towards Wei Wucai.

“Unless you like that Miss Luo If you like her, then Im sorry for messing things up just now, I didnt know you…”

Wei Wucai frowned.

What weird scenarios was she cooking up in her mind

“Why do you think I like her I dont like her at all,” Wei Wucai said blandly.

“I didnt say a thing before because you were being bullied.

I was focused on protecting you, so I couldnt be bothered to answer her.

And Id already rebuked her until shes speechless back at the private room.”

Yan Zhiqing never expect Wei Wucais lack of response was due to his defending her.

Yan Zhiqing couldnt help but smile.

“Then… thank you.

I didnt know you were so righteous.”

Yan Beicheng: “…”

Was it appropriate for them to be eyeing each other like this in front of him

He looked at Yan Zhiqing questioningly.

Based on her attitude, she seemed to like Wei Wucai

Moreover, Wei Wucai even took the extra step to explain to Yan Zhiqing.

He wasnt someone patient enough to explain his actions to others.

These two…

Though Yan Beicheng had his doubts, he laid them aside temporarily.

There were more important issues at hand.

He would ask Yan Zhiqing what was going on after he had finished dealing with Trubos matters.

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