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Chapter 2550: Have a Trick Up His Sleeve

Yan Beicheng laughed.

“Pressure should be given, but so should compensation.

Im not unreasonable.”

“Alright, leave it to me,” Han Zhuoli said.

“Oh, is Lu Man beside you” Yan Beicheng asked.

“Nope, shes at the theater,” came the reply.

Its summer break currently, and Xu Jiashan was preparing for a new play, so he had contacted Lu Man.

Because of Lu Mans outstanding performance peviously, he gave her another important role this time.

So Lu Man went to the theater to practice.

“Right, Ill contact her later,” Yan Beicheng said.

Han Zhuoli then knew Yan Beicheng was approaching Lu Man for issues regarding public relations.

Upon hanging up, Yan Beicheng then called Nan Jingheng.

“Whats up, Brother Yan” Nan Jingheng had picked up quickly.

Yan Beicheng didnt bother with courtesies and said straightforwardly, “Did Trubo contact you for publicity”

“Thats right, were still in the talks.

Trubo wants a few spots in Nan Yin magazine and its subsidiary magazines, including some of our news media.”

“Have you all signed the deal” Yan Beicheng questioned.

“No, but were inclined to.

But they dont seem satisfied with the price, they think its pricey,” Nan Jingheng answered.

Yan Beicheng quickly explained Yan Zhiqings incident to Nan Jingheng.

Hearing it, Nan Jingheng slapped the table.

“The bunch of idi*ts! How dare they think of harming Zhiqing! They really think we cant deal with them A bunch of foreigners, who gave them the confidence!”

Nan Jingheng fumed, “We have to let them know clearly whose territory theyre on!

“Ha! They think Nan Yins too expensive Now they can only dream of publicizing under Nan Yin no matter how much they offer!”

Yan Beicheng smiled.

“Thank you for this.”

“No problem, Bro,” Nan Jingheng said.

“Were all brothers, why so polite”

“Still, its one less business for you.”

“Nonsense.” Nan Jingheng was unbothered.

“Its always others who are clamoring for us.

Weve never been short of business opportunities.

There are many others even without Trubo.

Many others are queueing for the places Trubo wanted, so theres no lack.”

“Be that as it may, I still owe you this favor.

The more were brothers, the more we should remember.”

“Sigh!” Nan Jingheng was resigned.

Hed never suffered any losses every time he helped these brothers of his.

Nan Yin seemed to be on the losing end at first when helping.

But the compensation the brothers gave him at the end always outstripped the original potential profits.

Hence, he wasnt at a disadvantage.

Yan Beicheng didnt dial for Lu Man immediately after the call with Nan Jingheng.

Lu Man might still be rehearsing.

So he said to Yan Zhiqing, “You created quite a scene just now.

Im afraid theyd strike first and put you in the wrong.”

“Its fine.” Yan Zhiqing turned to Mou Danqiong.

“Sis Mou, did you take the photos”

“Yep.” Mou Danqiong passed the phone to her.

Yan Zhiqing showed the pictures to Yan Beicheng.

He looked in surprise at her.

Yan Zhiqing raised her chin proudly.

“Im no fool, Brother.

One has to be extra careful when in the entertainment industry.

With so many devious people around, its too dangerous without a few tricks up your sleeves.”

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