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Chapter 2554: Money Has Become Something of No Value

When Edwood came out of the bathroom, Lu Xiuse had already left.

Edwood curled his lip and sneered.

Hed thought that that woman would refuse to leave.

While Lu Xiuse was still on the road, she called her manager.

She was wearing her Bluetooth earphone as she was driving.

“I already came out.

I am on the way back.”

“What happened this time is a lesson well learned.

You should stop making your own decisions in the future.

I know you did win some benefits this way, but this doesnt work every time.

If you had discussed with me today, I would have advised that you be more well-behaved during dinner and then contact Edwood privately later on.”

The managers tone sounded very bad.

He was very annoyed as he said, “I have contacted the public relations department to ask if they are able to suppress this news.

They suggested that we dig for dirt on someone else to distract the public from your scandal.

Then, we will think of ways to remove the scandal for you.

“I will ask someone to take down the news for you,” the manager said.

“I have to go now.

I will call you later.”

However, Lu Xiuse and her manager did not know that Lu Man was the one who had published the scandal.

Whenever people thought about anything related to Lu Man, they would think about Han Zhuoli, who supported her.

Since this concerned Yan Zhiqing, Yan Beicheng had even personally contacted her for this matter.

And so, who would have the audacity to take down Lu Xiuses scandal

Her manager called everywhere.

In the past, this would have been easily done with some money.

But now, no matter how much money he gave, no one was willing to take down the news.

He was rejected so many times that he felt as though money has become something of no value.

As an experienced manager, he knew that all these rejections must have happened for a reason.

This meant that it would be impossible to take down the news.

He could only expose other peoples dirt to protect Lu Xiuse.

The manager had saved a lot of dirt on other people.

He had been saving these pieces of information so that he could use them when he needed to distract the public.

This was a commonly used method of distraction in the entertainment industry.

He was not the only one who did this.

While the manager was still very busy, Lu Man contacted Yan Beicheng and told him that it was okay for Sheng Yue to release that public statement.

And so, after Yan Zhiqings pictures were published, Sheng Yue officially announced that they would never host anyone from Trubo.

This was the first time a hospitality business had openly rejected some people.

Soon after, Yan Hui sent an official statement, stating that members of Trubo had been blacklisted by all their hotels and restaurants.

There was even a list, which named all the hotels and restaurants owned by Yan Hui.

Without this list, no one would have known.

And so, everyone was shocked when they saw the list of hotels and restaurants owned by Yan Hui.

They could not believe that Yan Hui owned so many hotels and restaurants.

All the names on the list were familiar hotels and restaurants.

There were high-end ones and reasonably priced ones.

Two-thirds of the hotels and restaurants listed were thought to belong to other corporations.

The netizens did not expect these hotels and restaurants to belong to Yan Hui.

Just being on the blacklist of those hotels and restaurants was a great enough suffering for Trubo.

Some of these restaurants and hotels were needed for hosting guests and important dinners.

At least half of the high-class hotels in the country belonged to Yan Hui.

This meant that they could only choose to host their guests in the remaining half of the high-class restaurants and hotels.

In some districts, there werent many high-end hotels.

In fact, in some of those districts, only Yan Hui was capable of opening a high-end hotel.

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