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Chapter 2557: Brother Qing Is So Cool

“Lu Xiuse has snatched away quite a few of my resources using this kind of method already, from advertisements to films.

Previously, for many of the advertisements and films that I was rumored to be in, Lu Xiuse ended up being the final chosen candidate.

Actually, it wasnt because I was used to hype up fans.

Its that the person originally chosen was indeed me, but Lu Xiuse snatched the role away.

“Lu Xiuse played the same old trick again and even did it right in front of me.

What disgusted me the most was CEO Luo and Deputy CEO Zhang from Trubo who actually even hinted that they wanted me to do the same and even told me that Lu Xiuse showed the two of them enough sincerity, so they hoped to see mine as well.

If they didnt see my sincerity, they wont let me get the endorsement.

If they didnt want me to get it, since they oversaw the business in the country, they had the final say here.

“What a joke, really.

I just wont take on this endorsement then.

I cant encourage this kind of practice! Dont tell me that in the future, if I dont sell my body, I wont be able to get any resources anymore People who are capable should deserve to get buried then They wont even get a chance for fair competition

“How did this kind of warped competition come about Is it because of those who use the benefits they have in exchange for taking advantage of others and scorn the rules of fair competition, or of those celebrities who wished to use this to increase their own bargaining chips in the competition I dont know from which party this kind of vicious cycle stemmed from, or which party started it first.

“From my debut up until now, there have been many controversies surrounding me.

The biggest controversy is probably my background.

No matter what I do, many people will think that I didnt rely on my own hard work and capability, that its all because I came from the Yan Family.

“I have always shrugged it off.

Anyway, I am the one who put in hard work and effort to achieve results.

Its fine as long as I know that, I dont need to prove it to anyone.

I never found this a trouble, and I even feel very lucky to have been born in the Yan Family.

At least in this industry, no one dares to force me to do such things beyond the scope of fair competition.

Perhaps I might still get quite a lot of resources snatched away, but at least I am happy.

Because of the Yan Family, I dont need to force myself to go on that same path and go along with the flow just to get those resources.

“But I know, this is just because I am lucky.

There are many people who arent that lucky.

If they did not want to go along with everyone else and just accept those so-called unspoken rules, if they just wanted to rely on their own hard work and capability to prove themselves, then the things waiting for them would be many injustices.

“There are still many capable and hardworking celebrities who are waiting earnestly for a chance.

They are using concrete action to say no to these so-calledrules nowadays!

“Now, I want to stand out.

Starting from me, I will openly say no.

Ill start with Trubo.

I will forever reject having any working relationship with Trubo.”

Yan Zhiqing was still considered polite and did not sell Lu Xiuse out completely.

Because she knew that if she said too much at such moments, it would inevitably garner criticism that she was hitting the person when that person was down and out.

She just needed to briefly talk about why she had pointed out Lu Xiuse.

Yan Zhiqing had quite a lot of fans.

When they heard that those works and brand endorsements that had been rumored to star Yan Zhiqing previously were not actually taking fans for a ride but got snatched away by someone else halfway, they all seethed with rage.

And many more fans were all cheering that this was too enjoyable.

“Brother Qing is so cool!”

“The celebrity comes out personally to tear things apart.

Opportunities like these arent many.”

“Personally coming out to expose gossip like what Brother Qing did is really not easy.

Brother Qing, expose some more gossip, please!”

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