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Chapter 2563: She Was Just Playing Dumb

There was not a drop of sweat on him at all and he did not look pathetic either.


This man, how did he manage to look so good all the time and not show any flaws

As she thought of that, she had already walked up to meet her ex-classmates while holding Han Zhuolings elbow.

Shi Xiaoyas classmates had already seen Han Zhuoling just then.

They then saw Shi Xiaoya walking over with Han Zhuoling.

Before Shi Xiaoya arrived, Yuan Ailin laughed scornfully as she said sarcastically, “I didnt expect that Shi Xiaoya who had been so clumsy and easygoing when she was in school last time, as if she was a fool, would actually manage to coax Han Zhuoling into her arms.

She really had fools luck.”

“How do you know shes a fool Do you think a man like Han Zhuoling is someone whom a fool can coax” Luo Qingxian scoffed and said, “I think she was just playing dumb.

Shes quite impressive, actually.

She actually managed to become the most glamorous and impressive one among the girls in our class.”

“We always talked of how she had left such a huge family business aside and refused to go into it, insisting on becoming some makeup artist, doing some lowly and disgraceful job.

In the end She actually relied on such a profession to hook up with Han Zhuoling.” When Shen Mujing was saying this, she did not hide the jealousy in her tone at all.

Survivor was such a hugely popular show.

Of course they all watched it.

They naturally did not miss the episode where Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya went public with their relationship.

But when they watched that episode, they could not help making guesses on their own.

They felt that there was something amiss starting right from the first episode.

So they went back to watch the first episode and noticed that although the cameras did not show it, the words that they thought was just Han Zhuoling talking to himself were actually him saying those things to someone behind the camera.

And who were the people behind the camera

Besides the directors and videographers, wasnt Shi Xiaoya there also

Shi Xiaoya was actually quite capable.

It was only her first time working together with Han Zhuoling, and she could already make Han Zhuoling give her special treatment.

Han Zhuolings patience towards her was way, way more than that towards other people.

“Alright, enough,” Yuan Ailin reminded them.

“Shi Xiaoya is almost here.

If you both continue talking, she will hear you.”

It was fine if Shi Xiaoya heard them, but they did not dare to offend Han Zhuoling.

The others also stopped talking and pretended to look friendly and enthusiastic.

When Shi Xiaoya came over, Yuan Ailin quickly held Shi Xiaoyas hand and said, “Xiaoya, you came.

Its just us who came early.

The guys are actually the slower ones.”

Shi Xiaoya smiled and greeted all of them.

She really was not considered good friends with Yuan Ailin and the others.

They were just being polite to each other as former classmates.

Han Zhuoling stood at the side and did not rush her, just smiling as he looked at Shi Xiaoya.

Ever since he came, his eyes had never wandered over to anyone else.

Luo Qingxian threw glances at Shi Xiaoya and said in a romantic tone, “Xiaoya, arent you going to introduce him to us”

Shi Xiaoya then smiled shyly and said, “This is my fiancé, Han Zhuoling.”

Shi Xiaoya then said to Han Zhuoling, “They are all my classmates.”

She was wondering whether she should introduce their names one by one when Han Zhuoling said, “You all have a good chat, then.

Ill go over to my side first.”

As for who these people were, he really was not interested to know.

He had just wanted to show his face here and let Shi Xiaoya formally introduce him; his objective had already been achieved.

As for who these people were, he had no interest in knowing.

Yuan Ailin and the others smiles froze for a moment.

They did not expect that though this was a rare chance to meet Han Zhuoling, they would not even get to mention their names in front of him.

Shen Mujing smiled and said, “Young Master Ling, go ahead.”

The others all gave her side looks.

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