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“Lu Man, I am your step-mother, after all, and also your aunt.

Weve been living together for so many years, there must be some feelings and ties between us too, right” Xia Qingyang replied politely and bashfully.

“Haha!” Xia Qingyang laughed sarcastically.

“Stop trying to praise yourself!”

Lu Qi tugged onto Xia Qingyangs shirt sleeve, then used her chin to point at the fruit basket in Xia Qingyangs hand.

Xia Qingyang remembered and hurriedly shoved the fruits basket at Xia Qingwei, “Elder sister, this is a small gift from us.”

Lu Man side-eyed the fruit basket, it was quite a joke.

Xia Qingyang had been a rich lady for ten years already, yet she was still so stingy and a miser.

She may have called it a fruit basket, but the fruits inside were just apples, bananas, some oranges.

Whose fruits basket would be like this

Even an average ordinary person would consider this fruit basket as a cheap gift!

Xia Qingyang scoffed, “Xia Qingyang, who are you trying to disgust This small gift You think that our family is so poor that we cant even afford apples, and would care for thisgift of yours”

She had a favor to ask of Lu Man yet she was still so stingy, she sure was shameless!

This was exactly Lu Qiyuans taste.

He actually liked such a miser and stingy woman.

Doesnt he find it embarrassing to be out together with her

Only someone like him could fall for someone like her and they sure were a perfect match.

“Lu Man, that role to you is something that you can do without with.

Even if you dont go into acting, you wont have much losses too.

You have a bright future waiting for you in the public relations industry, why dont you give this role to your younger sister instead,” Xia Qingyang said, not feeling shameful or guilty at all.

“Qi Qi is doing so badly right now, she desperately needs such an opportunity to make a comeback!”

“Lu Qi despises a third female lead role, right In the past, didnt you guys tell me that she only wants a female lead role And at most, a second female role who had almost the same screen time as the first female lead would do.” Lu Man raised her eyebrows.

“Isnt that for a television show Its different from a movie.” Lu Qi said, “Moreover, this is Director Sun Yiwus movie.

Let alone a third female lead, Im even willing to just have a chance to just appear in it.”

Even in Lu Qis prime, she would be willing to do so, let alone in such a pathetic situation that she was in right now.

“Thats right, Lu Man, you are Qi Qis older sister, you have to help her somehow.” Xia Qingyang said to Xia Qingwei, “Elder sister, please try to persuade Lu Man too.

We are a family, after all, we should help each other out! In the past, it might have been a little unpleasant between us, but thats all in the past now, we have to look ahead to the future too, right When Qi Qi gets better, she will definitely help Lu Man too.

If Lu Man really wants to enter showbiz, then Qi Qi can help her out too, getting some opportunities for Lu Man and let Qiyuans management company promote Lu Man too.

Then, both sisters can look out for each other in the entertainment industry, wouldnt that be great”

Right now, Xia Qingwei really wanted to spit in her face, this shameless and thick-skinned creature!

Help Lu Man

Who would believe her!

If she really wanted to help Lu Man, she wouldnt have forced Lu Man to stop school and be Lu Qis assistant paying her a measly 2000 yuan each month.

Leaving Lu Man with no choice but to suffer in the Lu family, just so that she could save up for Xia Qingweis medical bills.

Whereas, now that Lu Man was in Han Corporation, she earned 8000 yuan a month and even won a cash prize of 60,000 yuan, moreover, Lu Man even had the opportunity to star in a film.

Look at the life Lu Man led back in the Lu family, and the life that she was living now!

Xia Qingyang still had the cheek to say that she will help Lu Man!

“No thank you!” Xia Qingweis eyes were red with anger.

“When you could have helped Lu Man, you made her Lu Qis slave.

Was that your definition of helping I dare not let you guys help her!”

Back then she didnt have much ability and couldnt help Lu Man in any way, but now she would definitely let the Lu family trio have a taste of what Lu Man had suffered.

All these years, she had always suppressed her anger and never said a single word, but not anymore.


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