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But this time, it made her so angry that her heart hurt.

How could Xia Qingyang dare to so thick-skinned, coming here and even wanting Lu Man to give the role to Lu Qi!

“What do you take the director and the producers as” Lu Man said coldly, “I have already signed a contract with the film crew, if I breach the contract I need to pay 10 million yuan.

You want me to give my role to Lu Man, then will you pay my fees for breaching the contract”

“10… 10 million yuan” Xia Qingyang was shocked and tongue-tied, “Why… why is it so much…”

Although the Lu Family could afford to pay 10 million yuan, her heart ached for it.

What right did Lu Man have she wished that upon breaching the contract the Lu Family should pay for her

“Elder sister, youre a newcomer, so what youre earning from the film shouldnt be much right” Lu Qis heart also ached, she was just like Xia Qingyang, wanting benefits but not willing to pay a cent.

When she was 16 years old and had first entered the industry, she was still a newcomer and had no resources at all.

Lu Qiyuan had spent money on her, and it was a monetary loss for the first three years of her career.

By the time she turned 20 years old, she had finally become a B-list celebrity, yet because of the scandal, she could even manage to earn back the money spent on her and even till now she had been unable to turn around her current state.

So upon hearing this amount of 10 million, her heart ached tremendously.

“Its not a lot,” Lu Man nodded casually.

“Because Im a newcomer, and have no experience in acting, the other party only agreed to pay me 50,000 yuan for filming the movie.”

“So little” Xia Qingyang was shocked.

“Its the same salary as that of the previous actress, so if Lu Qi succeeds me, it will also be 50,000 yuan.” Lu Man said, unmoved, “After all, its a film directed by Sun Yiwu.

Many people would rather not get paid and just want an opportunity to act in it.

Thats how good he is.

The pay is not that important, I could either take it or leave it since there are already several other people vying for that role.”

Xia Qingyang twitched her lips unhappily, “Thats still too little.”

“Furthermore, he wants a person with a background in martial arts because there are a lot of high difficulty martial arts moves in the movie.

You should know that the original actress was injured because of this, thats why Director Sun Yiwu was left with no choice but to change the person, otherwise, it wont be me acting isnt it” Lu Man said coolly, “Lu Qi has no martial arts background right, she hasnt even learned dance before, dont say that I wont let her, but even I let her replace me, can Lu Qi do it”

“Then you have a background in martial arts” Xia Qingyang asked instantly.

“I really did learn it before,” Lu Man said nonchalantly.

Xia Qingyang had never been bothered about what Lu Man was doing, and hence when Lu Man said that she had learned it before, she really could not find anything to refute her and say that Lu Man was lying.

“Cant she just randomly hit As long as it looks around the same itll be alright.” Xia Qingyang pursed her lips.

“Isnt acting all like that these days”

“Lu Qi, I think its better if you teach your mom a bit about Director Sun Yiwu.

Otherwise in the future, if she ever accidentally meets him and offends him, dont blame me for not reminding you.” Lu Man laughed coldly.

“Mom,” Lu Qi also felt that it was embarrassing, she especially could not stand being embarrassed in front of Lu Man, “Director Sun Yiwu has always expected actors to execute the moves, the fists must hit the flesh, this way the actions when filming are more realistic and attractive, making people like them more.

If anyone cant do it, they must work hard to do it or they will be replaced by someone else, there is no exception.”

“So strict!” Xia Qingyang let out a breath.

“Otherwise, how could he become a famous director” Xia Qingwei smiled coldly.

Lu Qi had also heard of how strict director Sun Yiwu was and that the original actress who was the third female lead was sent to the hospital because of her injuries.

Hence, Lu Qi also instantly backed off, she did not want to injure herself before even managing to make a comeback.

Whereas, Xia Qingyang rolled her eyes and pulled on Lu Qi, saying in a low voice, “Who knows if what Lu Man is saying is really true.

Just because she says that the penalty of breaching the contract is 10 million yuan, we should believe that it is 10 million yuan Perhaps shes lying to us to make us retreat!”


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