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Chapter 2590: Lian Qingyin

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Ever since she got to know Han Zhuoling, aside from his family members, no other person of the opposite sex had called him in such an intimate manner before.

Han Zhuolings ex-wife did call him as such before, but that was because she was shameless.

Han Zhuoling did not even want to care about her.

At home, the elders would just call him Zhuoling, whereas Lu Man followed Han Zhuoli and called him Big Brother.

So this time was considered the first time Shi Xiaoya really heard a young lady calling him so intimately.

For some reason, Shi Xiaoya instinctively disliked this voice a lot.

And she disliked the way she called him.

Shi Xiaoya turned and looked at Han Zhuoling, raising an eyebrow.

She did not speak, but the words were written all over her face.

“Who is that, and why is she calling you so intimately”

Han Zhuoling felt his scalp tense up.

He did not remember knowing any woman whom he would be on such good terms with.

He glanced at Shi Xiaoya helplessly as he caressed her head.

What was she thinking of

The two of them turned at the same time and saw a woman walking towards them.

The light on the roads were dim and would not allow one to see clearly.

But the moment the other party approached them, Shi Xiaoya felt that the other party looked really familiar, and that she had definitely seen her somewhere before.

The woman before her looked to be around thirty years old, not because of her looks, but because her demeanor had matured.

There was an aura she gave off like she was accomplished in her career and was an outstanding career woman.

From top to toe, she was brimming with confidence and elegance, and she looked really exquisite.

Shi Xiaoya looked at a persons face first when she looked at people because of her occupational habit.

It was not to see whether the other party was pretty or not but to determine the other partys skin age, as well as her makeup.

The makeup of the woman before her looked exquisite and looked like she had just applied it not too long ago.

It was clean and clear, and it did not have any smudges and sliding that were normal for someone who had had on makeup for a long period of time.

She had maintained her looks very well.

At least judging from her face, she looked like she was just around 26 or 27 years old.

“I didnt expect to see you here,” the woman in front said.

“Oh, right, this is where Old Mr.

Han and Old Mrs.

Hans residence is.”

The other party spoke to Han Zhuoling on her own.

A grown adult like Shi Xiaoya was standing right there, but she acted as if she did not see her at all.

Han Zhuoling nodded plainly and heard the woman in front say, “I didnt expect that after so many years, Id get to see you at the school anniversary celebrations.

I wanted to chat more with you, but alas, you disappeared the moment I turned away.”

The other party smiled and said, “At first, I was thinking, I will just find another chance to meet up with you.

It was such a coincidence that I met you here tonight.”

After hearing her talk so much, Han Zhuoling did not see her greet Shi Xiaoya at all or even make some eye contact.

How would Han Zhuoling not know her intentions

Her eyes could never hide her intentions.

Han Zhuoling ignored the woman in front of them.

He turned and introduced to Shi Xiaoya, “This is my classmate from Jixia Academy—”

Han Zhuoling paused for a moment.

He then turned to the other party and frowned slightly, as if he could not remember her name.

Shi Xiaoya could tell with one look that Han Zhuoling was acting right now.

With Han Zhuolings brains, he would not forget a name as long as hed heard it once.

How could he make a mistake as he did now, where he could not remember the persons name even after meeting them before, and more so when the other party had been his classmate for many years

Indeed, the smile on the womans face became a little awkward, and her expression even darkened for a moment.

“I am Lian Qingyin.” Lian Qingyins smile was unnatural.

They had just met this afternoon at the schools anniversary celebrations.

She did not believe that Han Zhuoling could actually forget her so quickly.

And her face was not so plain-looking as to leave no impression on other people.

As for her own looks, Lian Qingyin still felt quite confident of it.

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