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Chapter 2608: Hospitable

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After this whole mess, Shi Xiaoya completely lost her appetite.

And so, the two left.

Shi Xiaoya was still worried that Lian Qingyin might be hiding nearby and would be following them again.

The customer at the restaurant was right.

It was indeed annoying to have to deal with such a maniac.

“Why dont we go back to your office and order some food” Shi Xiaoya asked.

“Okay.” Han Zhuoling nodded.

The two got into the car and went back to the company.

Han Zhuoling looked at Shi Xiaoya with tired eyes.

“Sorry, its all because of me.”

He was the one who had attracted this maniac.

Shi Xiaoya did not mind.

She was disgusted by Lian Qingyin but did not have anything against Han Zhuoling.

“It is not your fault,” Shi Xiaoya said.

Han Zhuolings eyelids felt heavy.

How could he let Lian Qingyin gross people out

For now, he decided to think about what he would do about this later.

The two returned to the company and ordered some food.

Tong Chunian and Zheng Tianming went to eat, so they did not know Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya had returned after being gone for a short while.

“What work do you have in the afternoon” asked Han Zhuoling while waiting for their food.

“I dont have anything in the afternoon,” said Shi Xiaoya.

It was music to Han Zhuolings ears.

“Since thats the case, you should stay here for the afternoon.”

Shi Xiaoya shook her head immediately.

“How can I do that Youre working here, so how is it reasonable for me to stay here”

“Why is it unreasonable” asked Han Zhuoling.

“I would disturb you.

Also, Secretary Tong has to come in and report his work to you sometimes; if I am here, it would be so awkward,” said Shi Xiaoya.

“I have a bedroom inside.

If youre worried about disturbing me, you should have fun inside and sleep when youre tired.

If you miss me, then come out and see me,” said Han Zhuoling.

“But of course, I would rather you stay here with me, because then, when I am working, I can see you if I just raise my head.”

Han Zhuoling said sweetly, “I have been wanting this for very long.

When I am tired of working, I can look at you and my exhaustion would disappear.”

Shi Xiaoya laughed.

She had become a tool to get rid of exhaustion

Then she heard Han Zhuoling say, “If you didnt have a job, I would have made you follow me every day.

Then I would be able to see you during work.

How nice.”

“…” Shi Xiaoya did not know what to say anymore.


If I wont disturb you, then I will stay here.”

As the two of them agreed, the lunch Han Zhuoling had ordered also arrived.

Shi Xiaoyas hand was still not very strong, so she could not hold her chopsticks steadily.

When she tried to take food with her chopsticks, her hand would shake.

She could not hold it properly, and the food dropped when her chopsticks loosened up.

Shi Xiaoya was extremely embarrassed.

It was so embarrassing to not be able to eat properly.

However, Han Zhuoling knew clearly why her hand was shaking.

Han Zhuoling felt very guilty inside.

Had it not been for him holding on to Shi Xiaoyas hand and not letting go previously, Shi Xiaoyas hand would not be shaking so vigorously.

So Han Zhuoling was diligently taking food for Shi Xiaoya.

If Shi Xiaoya did not refuse, Han Zhuoling would feed her.

In the end, Shi Xiaoya insisted on using a spoon, so Han Zhuoling only needed to put food in her bowl.

She scooped some rice and ate it with the other dishes.

When afternoon came, Shi Xiaoya stayed in Han Zhuolings office.

Because Han Zhuoling wanted to be able to see her when he raised his head.

Unable to do anything, Shi Xiaoya could only agree.

If someone came into the office, she would go into the bedroom.

In the meantime, Han Zhuoling asked someone to prepare some snacks and drinks.

Shi Xiaoya was playing while eating, and she felt cozy.

But due to the fact that she was not doing anything, she would feel tired even if she was just playing around..

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