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Chapter 2614: Scheme

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Han Zhuoling immediately called the number.

“Hello.” Lian Shitaos voice came out from the phone.

“Hello, CEO Lian.

I am Han Zhuoling.

Sorry to disturb you out of the blue,” Han Zhuoling said.

Lian Shitao was stunned.

He had actually had no direct contact with Han Zhuoling before at all.

The two of them had not had any opportunity to work together yet.

He did not expect that Han Zhuoling would actually personally take the initiative to call him.

Although he had not interacted with Han Zhuoling before, Lian Shitao also knew that no one would be so lame as to use this method to pose as Han Zhuoling.

Because they would be exposed too easily.

“Hello, hello, Young Master Ling.” Lian Shitao tried his best to remain calm, but he still could not help it.

He wondered why Han Zhuoling called him.

Thinking about it carefully, Lian Shitao felt that since he did not have much chance to interact with the Han Family, he naturally would not have done anything to offend the Han Family.

So Lian Shitao relaxed and felt that no matter what Han Zhuoling was looking for him about, it would definitely not be something bad.

“I wonder why Young Master Ling called me…” Lian Shitao asked curiously.

Could it be that the Han Corporation was interested in working with them

Lian Shitao began to feel expectant.

How could Han Zhuoling not sense the eagerness in Lian Shitaos tone He still maintained a cold tone as he replied, “CEO Lian, Miss Lian has been pestering me since yesterday and even stalked me.

This afternoon, she stalked me and my fiancée to a restaurant and even went to my mothers residence tonight.

Shes refusing to leave even until now.

“So I want to ask, what exactly does your Lian family want” Han Zhuoling asked casually.

“Miss Lian was rude to my fiancée, came to pester me, and even scared my mother.

Did she receive any instructions from home to do this Does the Lian family intend to scheme against the Han Family now”

Lian Shitao almost broke out in a cold sweat from fear.

“Young Master Ling, what are you saying I definitely dont have such thoughts at all, and I dont dare to! Anyway, no matter what, I wont send my daughter to do anything.”

What could Lian Qingyin go and do

She did not have that capability either.

“You didnt” Han Zhuoling questioned him coldly.

“Then why is Miss Lian refusing to leave my mothers place We made it clear that we dont welcome her, yet she still refused to leave.

What is Miss Lians behavior trying to signal She scared my mother just now and brought a huge disturbance to us.

“I told her to leave, but she wouldnt.

I tried to drag her away, but she showed me such a disgusting look on her face,” Han Zhuoling said.

“CEO Lian, Ive never had any connections with Miss Lian at all, but she suddenly came up to me and put me off.

I cant help but think that its because you, CEO Lian, had told her something,” Han Zhuoling said in a solemn voice.

“If thats the case, I will have to deal with the problem with your Lian family.”

What problem could there be

Previously, the Han Corporation did not have any business dealings with them because they had not had a chance to work together yet.

Of course, Lian Shitao also hoped that he would get a chance to work with the Han Corporation.

But since there was no chance previously, there were no relations between them.

Yet now, for some reason, Lian Qingyin had to go and pester Han Zhuoling.

Actually, Lian Shitao could vaguely guess what it was about.

Lian Qingyin used to be classmates with Han Zhuoling at Jixia Academy.

Lian Qingyin then refused to embark on a career that was related to the family business and insisted on joining a film production company.

And she pestered Han Zhuoling the moment she came back.

Lian Qingyins intentions could not be any more obvious now.

Lian Shitao did not think this was a bad thing at first.

Lian Qingyin was a little stubborn, and she would insist on doing something the moment she decided on it..

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