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Chapter 2615: What Did He Even Do

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Of course, this was the wonderful, biased thought that Lian Shitao had as her father.

But indeed, Lian Qingyin had not shown him some of her abnormal sides at all either.

Her personality seemed very good when she was still in school.

She was diligent in her studies.

As long as she scored poorly in one subject, she would try her best to study very hard for it and insist on raising her scores until she was satisfied.

It was the same when she learned dancing, piano, and the like outside of school.

She just devoted all her energy to practicing and did not want to lose to anybody.

At that time, whenever she worked so hard like this, Lian Shitao and his wife would even feel very heartened, thinking that it was rare that their daughter could be so hardworking.

All the more they would not sense that there was anything wrong with her personality.

Now that he had heard Han Zhuoling say that, although he felt stunned, he did not have too deep an impression of it as he had not seen it for himself.

He just felt that Han Zhuoling might be exaggerating.

How could it be so exaggerated

His daughter was serious and hardworking in whatever she did.

She was a little introverted in the past, but after she went out to work, she changed quite a lot.

But she was still not some very extroverted child.

“Young Master Ling, is there some misunderstanding about this” Lian Shitao asked.

“Whether its a misunderstanding or not, you will know once you personally make a trip over here, CEO Lian,” Han Zhuoling said coldly.

“With my current patience, I can only hold out for another half an hour at most.

If I dont see you in half an hour, you can go to the police station to see Miss Lian.

As for the Lian familys businesses, you might not have a chance to see them again.”

So what if the Lian family did not have any working relationship with the Han Corporation

The Han Corporation could still ruin their other businesses.

Lian Shitao suppressed the rage he felt in his heart arduously.

This Han Zhuoling was too much of a bully!

First, he made his daughter sound so horrible; now, he even threatened their family business.

What did he even do!

But no matter how angry he was, Lian Shitao still had to hold it in.

Han Zhuoling had already said as much, so Lian Shitao could only say, “Ill go over right now.”

He did not know exactly what had happened, but Han Zhuoling already called personally, so Lian Shitao naturally had to go over personally.

And who knew what the situation was like over there Lian Shitao did not dare to call anyone else to go with him.

So he went to Han Zhuolings place by himself.


On Han Zhuolings end, Lian Qingyin had heard very clearly what Han Zhuoling had said to Lian Shitao.

After Han Zhuoling ended the call, Lian Qingyin asked, “Why must you do this Why must you treat me like this I didnt do anything wrong, and I didnt do anything to let you down.

Why must you threaten my family

“What exactly did I do wrong” Lian Qingyin said aggrievedly.

“From start to end, I never went overboard.

Previously, I wanted to have a meal with you to catch up on old times, but you refused.

Now, I only came to visit Auntie.

Whats there for you to be unhappy about”

“Because I have nothing to catch up with you about, and our family doesnt like your idea ofvisiting,” Han Zhuoling said coldly.

He stared at Lian Qingyin and scoffed, saying, “Catch up on old times When I saw you at the school anniversary yesterday, I didnt even know who you were, and I didnt remember that I had a classmate like you.

I didnt have any impression of you at all.

What old times did we have to catch up on”

Lian Qingyin felt so hurt that she clutched her chest.

From primary school until senior high, they had been classmates for twelve years.

He actually did not have any memory of her at all

He had been handsome since he was young and got liked by many since primary school.

But at that time, they were just children who did not know any better and only knew how to like a person just for their looks..

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