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Chapter 2619: Do You Have No Shame

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Lian Shitaos expression turned uglier and uglier as she spoke.

He finally managed to hear Lin Liye out to the end before he turned to look sharply at Lian Qingyin.

At first, he just thought that Han Zhuoling was kicking up a big fuss for no reason.

Yet who knew, Lian Qingyin really just threw away all her pride here.

“Our Han Family doesnt dare to accept this kind of person.

And we already have Xiaoya, so we have no interest in anyone else,” Lin Liye said coldly.

“CEO Lian, I hope your daughter can conduct herself with dignity.

I have never met someone like her who refuses to understand what other people are saying!”

Lian Shitaos face turned beet red.

To be honest, he had really not been pointed to at the nose and scolded by other people until his current age.

Yet the situation today just had to be like this, so Lian Shitao really could not find a way to rebut her at all.

He lowered his head to look at Lian Qingyin and said, “What else do you have to say!”

Lian Qingyin winced, but she still braced herself and said, “Dad, theyre too much of a bully.

What did I do wrong

“I just suggested that we eat together and came over politely to visit today.

These are very normal interactions, yet in their eyes, it became me harassing them.

Arent they too much”

Lian Shitao felt his mind whirring.

Lian Qingyin made it sound so simple.

But Lin Liye had already described it so clearly.

Even the words that Lian Qingyin had said, Lin Liye could also repeat them in great detail, and it did not look like something she could fabricate on the spot.

Han Zhuoling said coldly, “CEO Lian, please deal with your daughter.

If not, I will do it for you.”

Lian Shitao was seething with rage deep down.

No matter what Lian Qingyin did, it was really too much of Han Zhuoling to make a threat like that!

Lian Shitao dragged Lian Qingyin and shouted, “Why are you still sticking around here! They already want to deal with you! Yet you still want to stay Do you have no shame”

After saying that, he just dragged Lian Qingyin away.

Being dragged by Lian Shitao, Lian Qingyin could no longer make that disgusting expression which she had earlier.

It was impossible for her to continue staying behind here no matter what, so Lian Qingyin could only leave with Lian Shitao.

Lian Shitao dragged Lian Qingyin into the car.

Before Lian Qingyin could speak, Lian Shitaos slap greeted her face first.

“What having a meal, what visiting, you really think everyone is an idiot! If they dont want to see you, no matter how nice you make it sound, its no use!” Lian Shitao bellowed.

“Youve disgraced me so much!”

Lian Qingyin clutched her face.

The spot where he had hit her burned in pain.

“I do like Han Zhuoling.”

Lian Qingyin said calmly, “After I graduated, the field of study I took when I went overseas to further my studies, as well as the career that I chose after I graduated there, was all because of Han Zhuoling.

Ive liked him for so many years.

I worked so hard just to be able to get together with him, to be able to help him, to be able to have the chance to meet with him often within the same industry.

Even after he got married, I thought that as long as I can help him and see him, it would be good enough.

I endured loneliness and worked hard in my career for so many years.

“Now, we finally have common topics to talk about.

I have a reputable position in the company and will be able to help him.

So I quickly rushed back.

Its probably because the Heavens took account of my hard work and felt moved by it.

He actually got a divorce.” Lian Qingyin smiled widely in joy, feeling touched at the same time.

“Isnt this my chance To let me stand beside him, and to get together with him.

He has the Han Corporation, while I am in an influential position in Men Xue.

If the two of us join hands, who else can rival us

“I am the one who can truly be of help to him.

And Shi Xiaoya All she does is get benefits from Han Zhuoling..

It has always been Han Zhuoling helping Shi Xiaoya and seeking benefits for her.”


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