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Chapter 2620: Who Gave You the Audacity to Boast Shamelessly

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“But Shi Xiaoya cant help Han Zhuoling with anything at all.

She is of no benefit to him at all.

“But its different with me.

I am truly the only person who will be able to help him.” Lian Qingyin seemed to have fallen into a trance as she said that, and her gaze looked a little distant.

Who knew what kind of wonderful scenario she was seeing now in her imagination

“Han Zhuoling is so smart.

He would realize sooner or later that I am the most suitable person for him,” Lian Qingyin said.

“He has just been blinded for a moment right now.

He got betrayed by his ex-wife previously, and he met Shi Xiaoya after his divorce, so he got deceived by her.”

Lian Shitao felt as if he did not know this daughter of his, as if he had never understood her before.

But it was true.

Lian Shitao was busy with his career.

How would he have the time to care about family matters

The family matters had always been left to his wife to manage.

“What has that got to do with you Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya are doing fine, so what do you need to worry about Do you know Shi Xiaoya And you said Han Zhuoling got deceived by her Even you said that Han Zhuoling is smart.

Is he someone who can be deceived by a woman” Lian Shitao said incredulously.

Anyway, Shi Xiaoya had the Shi family.

She was not some pitiful little soul that could be easily bullied by anyone.

Yet unexpectedly, Lian Qingyin rebutted him right after that and said, “Then why did he get deceived by his ex-wife!”

Lian Shitao: “…”

On this matter, he actually could not rebut her.

Lian Qingyin continued, “Shi Xiaoya just acted like a foolish kind soul and deceived Han Zhuoling to no end.

Dont all men fall for tricks like hers But I will definitely expose Shi Xiaoyas true colors and make them break up.

Han Zhuoling will thank me for this.

I am the one who is the most suitable for him; he will know it.

“I came back precisely because I want to help him.

I am doing this for his sake.

I am the only one whos the most suitable match for him.”

It was the first time that Lian Shitao realized how conceited his own daughter was.

“Does he need you to help and do things for his sake There are so many more people out there who are much more capable than you.

Where did you get the confidence that you are the most suitable match for him You look down on Shi Xiaoya, but Shi Xiaoya also came from the Shi family.” Which was a little more impressive than their Lian family.

“Who gave you the audacity to boast shamelessly!” Lian Shitao chided coldly.

He could finally empathize a little with how Han Zhuoling and the others had felt.

If Lian Qingyin did even worse things just before, then everyone would have gone crazy.

But what about Lian Qingyin

She actually felt that Lian Shitao was truly stupid.

At this moment, she stared at Lian Shitao as if she was staring at a commoner.

Lian Shitao understood the look in her eyes and felt a bout of rage get all pent up and stuck in his chest.

What kind of look was she giving him!

“Dad.” Lian Qingyin shook her head, looking really resigned.

Why was her dad so stupid and not able to think in a flexible manner

No wonder the Lian family did not improve an inch under his helm.

If Lian Shitao was even a little more capable, they would have long surpassed the Shi family!

Could Shi Xiaoya even have had the chance to strut around in front of her then

Lian Qingyin said, “Why cant you get it I just need to make Han Zhuoling see Shi Xiaoyas true colors and let him know that Shi Xiaoya is not the kind of person he likes at all.

And me After I get together with Han Zhuoling, will our family lack benefits from it Look how glamorous the Shi family is now because of the Han Family.

Theyre doing much better than they had in the past.

“Tell me, dont you want to replace the Shi family” Lian Qingyin asked with a laugh.

“Han Zhuoling already said that if you continue pestering him, he will deal with our family!” Lian Shitao felt that he was about to go crazy.

How did he get such a wastrel for a daughter!


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