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Chapter 2625: Its Funny to Say It Out Loud

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Dong Fuyu would always feel that the other kids were at fault.

But Lian Qingyin must have forgotten almost everything from kindergarten.

It was something so long ago; even Dong Fuyus memory of that time was not very clear.

After enrolling in Jixia Academy, it was still fine as Lian Qingyin did not dare to provoke everyone there.

Lian Qingyin was smart; she would not provoke those that she knew she could not.

Those who had had conflicts with her had a family background that was similar to hers.

Because of this, Dong Fuyu had still been called to the school frequently to intercede.

However, Dong Fuyu was still always on Lian Qingyins side.

Lian Qingyin was always right and the other person was always wrong.

Lian Qingyin did not even need to admit to her fault.

Originally, the teacher would call the parents to ease the situation.

But whenever Dong Fuyu came, not only would she not ease the situation, but she would even add fuel to the fire.

Even when the other side had almost calmed down, because of Dong Fuyu, it would become impossible to make peace.

Lian Shitao knew that he had made a mistake.

He should not have left it alone.

Because he was too lazy to care about it, now, it had reached a level where she could not be controlled.

When she saw that he had returned, Dong Fuyu said unhappily, “Lian Qingyin told me everything.

Its fine if you dont help her, but you even put the blame on her! Its clearly the Han Family who is being unreasonable.

Its Shi Xiaoya who is at fault!”

“Enough!” Lian Shitao growled angrily.

“Lian Qingyin has become like this.

You are responsible, but I am too.

I did not discipline her, so I have no right to blame you.

“But this case is definitely not how Lian Qingyin has told you.

I know what story she told you.

She said that she did not do anything wrong and just wanted to have a meal with Han Zhuoling and reminisce.

She also visited Han Zhuolings mother as his classmate.

“But Han Zhuoling was not happy about this because Shi Xiaoya was there and had talked bad about her.”

“Was this not what had happened” asked Dong Fuyu.

“Of course not!” Lian Shitao was getting irritated from explaining.

He had spoken to Lian Qingyin, and now he had to explain to Dong Fuyu.

Most importantly, he might not be able to make Dong Fuyu understand.

“The truth is that Lian Qingyin likes Han Zhuoling and just has to pester him.

Han Zhuoling was not happy about it.

Han Zhuolings and Shi Xiaoyas relationship was going well, but Lian Qingyin tailed them.

It was not enough for her to tail Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya, but she even went to Mrs.

Hans house.

After Mrs.

Han learned about her, Mrs.

Han made it clear that she was not welcomed.

And what happened after that She blamed Shi Xiaoya for talking bad about her.

“Han Zhuoling has already made it clear that he does not like her and finds her annoying, but she just has to blabber about Han Zhuoling being afraid to say the truth because Shi Xiaoya was there,” said Lian Shitao.

“Then Lian Qingyin came back and told you these unclear words in a way that favored herself.”

“Who told you all these Han Zhuoling Shi Xiaoya Lin Liye” said Dong Fuyu.

“How can you be certain that they were speaking the truth You would rather believe outsiders than your own daughter!”

“Because theres no need for Han Zhuoling to lie! Why cant you use your brain to think Lian Qingyin said that Han Zhuoling did not dare to admit that he liked her because Shi Xiaoya was there.”

Lian Shitao thought it was funny to say it out loud.

He took a deep breath..

“You are always on the internet gossiping.

Dont you know how well Han Zhuoling treats Shi Xiaoya and how good their relationship is”

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