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Chapter 2636: Target

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Yuan Yina did not try to act and said straightforwardly, “How can I How can I frame you Even if you cant be selected based on your own skills, Han Zhuoling can squeeze you in.

What are you worried about”

All the effort that others put in could not compare to the fact that Shi Xiaoya had Han Zhuoling.

How could this not make others jealous

Someone who was not as skillful as you could easily obtain anything that she wanted before you could even reach your goal, which could not be reached despite all your effort.

Of course Yuan Yina would feel jealous and think that it was unfair.

“Youre really not clever,” Shi Xiaoya said coldly.

“Even if Zhuoling doesnt help, I have the confidence.

Thats because I have the skills.

For this competition, I did not let Zhuoling help.

If I cant be selected under the requirements of a fair competition, it means that Im not as good as others and I would admit that.

I wont let Zhuoling pull any strings.

The things you said wont even happen.

You made yourself a villain for nothing.”

But Yuan Yina clearly did not believe Shi Xiaoya.

“Theres nobody from the crew here, you dont need to say nice things.”

Not using it when she had this advantage

Who would believe that

Shi Xiaoya just stared at her, sending a chill down Yuan Yinas spine.

She even wanted to ask Shi Xiaoya the reason for the stare.

Shi Xiaoya smiled with disdain.

Yuan Yina gritted her teeth, filled with rage.

What did she do that could make Shi Xiaoya mock her

Then she heard Shi Xiaoya say, “Yuan Yina, you tried to frame me just now.

Have you ever thought of the consequences”

Yuan Yinas mouth twitched.

What was the consequence

Shi Xiaoya smiled.

“You already know that I have Zhuoling behind me.

Now that you tried to frame me to my face and I even caught you red-handed, do you think you still have any hope to be selected to join this crew”

Yuan Yinas face changed.

Shi Xiaoya said, “Even if you entered because of your skills, I can still kick you out.

But I still think you cant enter through your skills.

Have you ever thought of how you will be targeted after this”

Yuan Yinas face changed.

Shi Xiaoyas words were more than enough to make her angry.

Not only did she say that Yuan Yina would be kicked out, but she also said that she would target Yuan Yina.

This made Yuan Yina angry but terrified.

She came to her senses and felt terrified.

How could she be so bold as to frame Shi Xiaoya

But she was still angry.

Shi Xiaoya looked down on her, thinking that she could not be selected!

How could Shi Xiaoya look down on her

In which aspect could she not compete with Shi Xiaoya

Her skills were not bad; how could she not be selected

Other than Shi Xiaoya being so lucky as to be born to the Shi family, she had Han Zhuoling to rely on.

What else did she have

Yuan Yina was so envious of Shi Xiaoya.

How could Shi Xiaoyas life be so good

She was born to a rich family.

She did not need to fight for anything in her life and could have things that ordinary people could not have even if they fought for it their whole lives.

Enough about that.

Even her fiance was Han Zhuoling, someone of a superior level!

If her fiance had been a tad bit uglier, or was a tad bit worse than hers, Yuan Yina would have felt better.

But Shi Xiaoya had the best of the best.

Yuan Yinas expression looked terrible.

“Thats right.

I will target you and keep on targeting you,” said Shi Xiaoya.

“I didnt do anything to you, but you jumped straight out to frame me..”

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