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Chapter 2637: We Do Not Serve Those Who Cut in Line

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“I wont go out of my way to harm others, but if someone comes and harms me, I wont be so magnanimous as to simply wave my hand and let them go.

I wont be polite to whoever harms me!”

Yuan Yinas complexion kept switching from dark to pale.

She had truly begun to be afraid now.

She did not know to what degree Shi Xiaoya intended to take revenge.

What if… What if she intended to prevent Yuan Yina from continuing in this line of work

Previously, she did not even consider this.

However, Shi Xiaoya was truly angry now.

Yuan Yina suddenly realized that although Shi Xiaoya was nowhere as scary as Han Zhuoling, she was still someone she could not afford to provoke.

Some people simply did not use their brains to think.

In the past, Shi Xiaoya kept a low profile, so she never mentioned her family.

The gossip that was spoken about her or even those hostile attitudes they used with her—she just let bygones be bygones and did not keep a grudge.

That was all because they did not actually cause her much harm.

To her, they were like the whining of a mosquito.

Shi Xiaoya shooed them away with the wave of a hand and just forgot about them.

However, now that Yuan Yina had set up a trap for Shi Xiaoya right before her very eyes, it was for certain that Shi Xiaoya would not simply let it go.

At this time, the assistant who did a roll call earlier came back out again.

It was to remind the next makeup artist that it would soon be her turn.

Yuan Yina continued to hang around, seeming as if she wanted to see what would happen to Shi Xiaoya.

Ignoring Yuan Yina, Shi Xiaoya said to the assistant, “Excuse me, Im Shi Xiaoya.

I was originally supposed to come at 2:30 PM for the interview, but we had an accident on the way here, so we arrived late.”

The assistant glanced at Shi Xiaoya and said coldly, “Your appointment time has already passed.

You cant cut in line.

If everyone were to be like you, what social order would there be”

The assistant sneered, “We dont have a service that allows people who missed their appointments to cut in line.”

Shi Xiaoya frowned slightly.

Since she was late, it was not unexpected that the assistant would be somewhat cold.

However, the way this assistant was sneering at her so immediately just made it seem like the assistant was out to get her.

Could it be that the assistant had been influenced by what Yuan Yina had said earlier

Shi Xiaoya first put that guess aside and said to the assistant, “I have no intention of cutting in line.

Regardless of my reasons, I did indeed arrive late.

Is it possible for me to be given another chance after everyone else has finished their interviews”

That assistant furrowed her eyebrows as she said, “Director Wu Mosens time is very precious.

In accordance with todays plan, his schedule was cleared only for these set appointment times.

There is no way to delay his schedule any longer.”

Shi Xiaoya could only reply, “Then could you ask him If he could possibly just give me 10 minutes I know that every makeup artist is given 15 minutes.

I can shorten my time.

Just 10 minutes.”

“Why are you like this” that assistant said in annoyance.

“You may think that giving 10 minutes to you alone isnt much, but what if everyone were to be like you and wanted another 10 minutes for themselves That would become a really long time!”

Upon hearing that assistants tone, Guo Yujie felt that she was simply being unreasonable and stepped forth to say, “Whats with this attitude of yours Were wrong to be late, but we were in a very bad car accident.

We didnt come late on purpose.

Regardless, we are indeed late.

Xiaoya has already apologized sincerely for that.

“Xiaoya didnt even say that she wants to cut in line.

She just wants 10 minutes at the end.

Even thats not possible” Guo Yujie said angrily.

“You said that everyone would want an additional 10 minutes.

Sure, that would indeed be bad.

However, due to Xiaoyas absence earlier, all of the people after her had had their interview time shifted to an earlier time..

Since thats the case, wouldnt there still be 15 minutes to spare at the end She wouldnt be wasting anyones time, right”

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