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Chapter 2642: Just Shameless

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“You said it yourself.

Now that we have all stepped out into society, of course I cant hope that everyone will help me.

So, without anyones help, and with someone even blocking my path, I can only fight for myself.”

Shi Xiaoya pulled Guo Yujie to sit back down on the chair with her.

“I will just wait here for Director Wu to come out.

I want to hear Director Wu say it himself, whether he wants to give me a chance or not.”

Shi Xiaoya could be so confident, and its naturally also because of Han Zhuoling.

Wu Mosen would more or less give Han Zhuoling some face.

“You… you are really just shameless!” that assistant scolded.

But clearly, Shi Xiaoyas move really made her unable to react in time and left her at a loss for what to do.

So the moment she spoke, she felt so anxious that she stuttered.

At first, Lian Qingyin had got her to come out to humiliate Shi Xiaoya.

Yet Shi Xiaoya actually continued pestering them!

If Shi Xiaoya really sat there and waited, when Wu Mosen came out in a moment, wouldnt they blow their cover

The assistants face paled.

She gritted her teeth and went back in.

She whispered beside Lian Qingyins ear softly, “Shi Xiaoya is staying outside and doesnt want to leave at all.

She said she wants to wait until Director Wu goes out and then speak to him herself.

She suspects that we didnt report it to him at all.”

Lian Qingyin curved one side of her lips up, revealing a crooked and gleeful smirk.

With her around, could Shi Xiaoya still dream of entering the production crew

Dream on!

“Ill go out and take a look,” Lian Qingyin said, then stood up to leave.

The assistant quickly followed behind her.

Wu Mosen had been listening to a makeup artists explanation right then and glanced out of the corner of his eye at Lian Qingyin and that assistants actions before frowning once.

Right from the start, Lian Qingyin could not even just sit still quietly in her seat.

She would either go to the washroom or chat in hushed whispers with her assistant.

He could not hear what they were saying clearly as Wu Mosen was trying his best to focus his attention on the makeup artists interviews.

He could only hear them whispering in hushed tones at the side but could not hear what exactly they were talking about.

But this was really very annoying.

And it was really very distracting for them.

He saw Lian Qingyin and her assistant not caring to watch the interviews at all and just chatting on their own at the side, affecting their judgment.

Wu Mosen felt really vexed.

Since that was the case, since Lian Qingyin felt that this was so boring, then why did she insist on coming to be a judge here

Now that she came, he did not ask for her to be a serious judge, but at the very least, she should not cause trouble.

Yet now, she could not even keep quiet and even affected their selection process and the makeup artists focus.

Quite a few makeup artists had been distracted by Lian Qingyins actions during their interviews and made mistakes or fell short of their expectations.

Things have already reached this point when the interview was about to end.

Lian Qingyin actually could not even keep quiet for this last moment and could not even wait until it all ended before she went out.

Indeed, the makeup artist who was giving the presentation right then got distracted and stopped presenting.

After a while, the makeup artist then forcibly continued but forgot what he originally wanted to say.

He stuttered and stammered, which really affected his results.

Wu Mosen pursed his lips, feeling frustrated and annoyed.

Why did Men Xue Films send such an unprofessional person to come and be in charge!

Up until now, besides not helping out at all, she had even added to their trouble!

“Dont panic, dont be nervous.

Relax, take it slowly,” the screenwriter at the side said to that makeup artist.

“Slowly think about what you originally wanted to say, and continue from there..”

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