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From now on anything to do with going against Lu Qiyuan, she, Xia Qingwei, would do it herself.

No matter what, from an outsiders point of view, even though Xia Qingwei had divorced Lu Qiyuan, Lu Man was still Lu Qiyuans daughter.

If Lu Man directly caused her own dad to go to jail, then people would criticize and scold her for being an unfilial daughter.

So for such things, she, Xia Qingwei, would take the blame!

“Police Officer, dont listen to their bullsh*t! They want to illegally imprison us!” Xia Qingwei said and took out her phone.

“This is the evidence!” She pressed down on the play button, and Lu Qiyuans voice instantly played from the phone.

“Impossible! You both can just be well-behaved and stay at home, as for food and water, I will have someone send it over, but Lu Man definitely cant join the film crew”

Lu Qiyuan expression changed greatly, he almost lost his head and started stammering, “No no no… its not like that! Its not… not…”

“Bring them away!” Mo Jingcheng ordered coldly.

Even when Lu Qiyuan and Xia Qingyang were handcuffed, Xia Qingyang kept on insisting that it was all a misunderstanding, but no one was listening to her.

At the same time, Han Zhuoli brought bodyguards over and the bodyguards and the police officers shielded Lu Qiyuan, Xia Qingyang from Han Zhuoli.

And thus, the two did not see Han Zhuoli.

Then the bodyguards that Han Zhuoli had brought over instantly went forwards and removed the metal chain, opening the door to let Xia Qingwei and Lu Man out.

“Mom,” Han Zhuoli called.

In the mess, Lu Qiyuan heard that call, and wanted to turn around to see who called Xia Qingwei Mom, but just as he was about to turn around, he was pushed away by someone, “Where are you looking around!”

“Xiao Han!” Xia Qingwei had a face full of surprise, she did not think at such a vital moment, Han Zhuoli would appear here!

“Auntie,” Mo Jingcheng also came up with a smile on his face and greeted her.

Even more surprised, Xia Qingwei asked, “Youre Xiao Hans friend”

“Yes,” Mo Jingcheng smiled and nodded before turning around to greet Lu Man.

The last time they had a get-together, Mo Jingcheng was working overtime and thus did not manage to make it.

This was also Lu Mans first time seeing Mo Jingcheng.

Before this, Mo Jingcheng was also staying in the same hospital as Xia Qingwei, but Han Zhuoli had hidden Lu Mans situation very well, and hence Mo Jingcheng did not know about it.

“Both of you… thank you, both of you came just in time!” Xia Qingwei was elated.

“Auntie, we still have to trouble you to come with me to the police station, and explain the whole situation in detail, we also need the evidence in your phone,” Mo Jingcheng said.

“Of course, thats not a problem,” Xia Qingwei agreed but hesitated, “But Lu Man needs to go to the film crew, if she comes along, she wont make it on time.”

“Its not a problem, you can just represent her as well.

However, although this is illegal imprisonment, Lu Qiyuan and Xia Qingyangs actions are not enough to be considered a big crime, and we can only imprison them for 15 days at most,” Mo Jingcheng straightaway told that to Xia Qingyang.

“That I know, but as long as I can give them a lesson it would be good enough.” Xia Qingwei nodded her head in understanding before urging Lu Man.

“If you go to the airport now, can you still make it on time”

Lu Man looked at her watch and sighed, “I wont make it on time, theres still half an hour for the plane to take off, but even if I rush now, it wont make it.”

“Thats why I am here,” Han Zhuoli smiled, raising his hand to put it on the top of Lu Mans head before rubbing it softly, “Ill send you to South Yunnan.”

Lu Man was stunned.

Not to the airport, he wanted to send her directly to South Yunnan!

So far!

“My mother-in-law is here, so please help me take care of her,” Han Zhuoli told Mo Jingcheng.

Mo Jingchengs eyelids twitched, in his heart, he thought, she hasnt even acknowledged you, yet you are already calling her mother-in-law, isnt it too early

Han Zhouli was quite thick-skinned, shameless!

“Dont worry,” Mo Jingchengs lips were twitching as he spoke, “After Auntie finishes recording her statement at the police station, Ill personally send her back.”


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