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Chapter 2651: A Display of Skills on the Spot

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As Lian Qingyin saw Wu Mosen and the screenwriter appearing very satisfied, she thought to herself, “Oh no!”

Among the makeup artists that they had interviewed, some presented makeup styles that were satisfactory.

However, most of the time, it was either Wu Mosen finding it satisfactory while the screenwriter was thinking otherwise.

For some makeup styles, it was the screenwriter that found it satisfactory while Wu Mosen disagreed.

Generally, they only created good makeup designs for a few characters.

The looks that they created for the characters were just not as good.

It was just not up to their expectations.

However, Wu Mosen and the screenwriter had seen Shi Xiaoyas makeup designs and they loved every one of them.

Based on Wu Mosens and the screenwriters reaction, Lian Qingyin knew that Shi Xiaoya would most probably win.

And now, Wu Mosen and the screenwriters eyes had brightened.

The screenwriter was already so eager to make Shi Xiaoya their makeup artist.

There was always something about the designs that the interviewee presented which they had found to be unsatisfactory.

Initially, Wu Mosen was going to finish interviewing everyone and then discuss the result with the screenwriter.

They had taken note of every interviewees strong points and weaknesses.

However, currently, Wu Mosen and the screenwriters reaction showed that they were very satisfied with Shi Xiaoya.

The screenwriters eyes lit up, and he appeared to have forgotten all the other interviewees.

Lian Qingyin knew that she could not just sit and watch.

She suddenly said, “Who knows if you were really the one who drew the designs on the papers”

Everyone looked over at her.

When she saw that, she said, “These designs were drawn on papers that you had taken here.

You cant prove that you drew these designs.

And now, the makeup that you did was exactly the same as the ones drawn on the papers.

“You could have practiced with the designs given to you.

That would be so easy,” Lian Qingyin said.

Lian Qingyin was intentionally nitpicking.

All the other interviewees had practiced many times and prepared well before they recreated the look during the interview.

If what Lian Qingyin had said was reasonable, then everyone else could have asked someone else to design their makeup and could have just learned to recreate the same look.

Shi Xiaoya looked at her with an indifferent expression.

“Then what do you want me to do”

“Heh.” Lian Qingyin sneered and said, “Of course you have to design a whole new look right here, right now.”

Lian Qingyin then took the papers from Wu Mosens hand.

Wu Mosen did not expect that at all.

Before he could even react, Lian Qingyin had already taken the papers.

However, Wu Mosen didnt think too much of it.

He thought that Lian Qingyin just wanted to see the drawings on the papers.

Lian Qingyin couldnt possibly go overboard in front of them.

But obviously, Wu Mosen had underestimated Lian Qingyin.

After Lian Qingyin took the papers, she randomly chose one.

After taking a glance with a pretentious attitude, she said, “We will choose the character Yan Jiayin.

You have to design another look that must be completely different from the makeup design sketched on this paper.”

The screenwriter frowned and whispered to the director who sat next to him, “Director Wu, Shi Xiaoya had designed a really good look for Yan Jiayin.

The look really suits this character.

Another design might not be as good as this one and might not be as suitable for this character.

I am afraid that Lian Qingyin would then seize the opportunity to criticize Shi Xiaoyas design.”

Lian Qingyin obviously had something against Shi Xiaoya.

It was obvious to the screenwriter.

Lian Qingyin was obviously trying every opportunity to prevent Shi Xiaoya from joining the team.

Wu Mosen nodded and said, “Lets see what Lian Qingyin might say..

We are here anyway.”

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