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Chapter 2655: She Can Forget About It

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“Director Wu, Teacher Hu, I agreed to let you two interview Shi Xiaoya and gave her this interview opportunity.” Lian Qingyin smirked sarcastically and said, “But I didnt agree to let her join the production crew.

“No matter how well she performed, I just wont agree to let her join the production crew.

I gave her a chance to interview, which was already considered lucky for her.

Joining the production crew She can forget about it!”

Wu Mosen stood up and said in a solemn voice, “This is my production crew.

I am the one choosing the people to join.”

“But I represent the sponsor here.

If I dont agree, theres no use even if you both want Shi Xiaoya to join the production crew!” Lian Qingyin said very stubbornly.

“There are so many outstanding makeup artists.

Shi Xiaoya is not the only one out there.

You both dont have to run into a conflict with me and fall out with the sponsor just for Shi Xiaoya, right!

“I will just put my words out here today.

I will never let Shi Xiaoya enter the production crew! I am the only person-in-charge from Men Xue Films here.

I represent Men Xue Films intentions,” Lian Qingyin said arrogantly.

“Director Wu, although you said before that for matters concerning the filming, you have the final say and it has nothing to do with us as the sponsor, dont you forget, the people paying are us, Men Xue.

Then as for whom to hire, I will surely have some say over it!

“I am not some unreasonable person though.

From the very beginning of the preparations for the film up until now, I have never bossed or interfered in any of your affairs.

It has always been me trying my best to fulfill whatever requests that you have.

I just have this one request today, that whoever you hire, you just cannot hire Shi Xiaoya!” Lian Qingyin gave the attitude that since she had spoken to such an extent, no one could go against her wishes.

Wu Mosen was a famous director.

Famous directors all had their own tempers and had their own desire to be in control of their own films and to be staunchly firm about their ideas.

How could he allow Lian Qingyin to interfere and boss him around in his own production!

If he failed today and went along with Lian Qingyins wishes…

Then in the future, when such things happen and Lian Qingyin had disagreements with them, something that might not even be out of consideration for the film but out of personal grudges and vengeance…

Would they still have to listen to Lian Qingyins opinions

Lian Qingyin would just get bolder and bolder, time and again.

Then would they still be able to film in peace

Wu Mosen knew that he could produce good films precisely because he was determined not to be influenced by external parties.

Be it from selecting actors for roles or on spending, and even on the minor details, he would not compromise.

With many directors who shoot films, the sponsors would request for some particular actor or actress, or some highly-esteemed actor would use his or her own connections to insist on shoving a junior into the film.

And some actors remuneration occupied a large share of the funds the film received from investments.

Yet those actors who needed to use those connections to stuff themselves into the cast, how many of them were actually really capable

Perhaps there were people who were indeed capable.

But those who did not have that capability certainly occupied the majority.

With a team pieced together by all sorts of connections and relations, how good could the film that would be produced be

Wu Mosen deeply understood this point, so he never let those sponsors interfere with his works.

You can invest, but the decision-making power rests with me.

If not, I wont take on this film.

The sponsor would also want to have good box office sales and both a good reputation and benefits.

So they would also need directors like Wu Mosen, who were truly capable.

Even if he had his own temper and principles, they would have to listen to him.

So except during his early days when he had no choice and control over things, Wu Mosen could really do things according to his own wishes.

“I am here today, so you wont have the right to make decisions for me!” Wu Mosen said coldly and sternly..

“If you do this, then what am I going to do as a director Do you also want to be the director now”

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