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Chapter 2656: I Have the Final Say

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Lian Qingyin turned and said to Shi Xiaoya, “Shi Xiaoya, do you want to withdraw of your own accord Or are you just going to stand here and watch us fall out because of you Because of you, Director Wu is quarreling with me to this extent.

The results of the film produced wont be good in this way.

You can stop putting us in a difficult position and just withdraw of your own accord.

Dont implicate all of us and ruin things just because of you.

A fine interview session today just got ruined by you alone.”

“You really speak so ridiculously!” Guo Yujie finally could not hold back and said, “What has this got to do with Xiaoya Arent you the one going all out to make things difficult right now Why dont you withdraw If you withdraw, Director Wu wont be in a difficult position and can even get such an outstanding makeup artist like Xiaoya.

Then everyone wont be put in a difficult position.”

Guo Yujie pursed her lips and said, “Todays interview was clearly ruined by you.

Director Wu and Writer Hu both think that Xiaoya is not bad.

You are the only one stirring things up for no reason other than your own personal grudge.

You even accused and pushed all the blame to Xiaoya.

This is way too ridiculous.”

“What has this got to do with you!” Lian Qingyin said in annoyance.

“Without Shi Xiaoya, we wont even have a conflict!”

Lian Qingyin pursed her lips in annoyance and said, “Shi Xiaoya, you should quickly withdraw!”

“This matter today has nothing to do with whether we want to hire Shi Xiaoya or not,” Wu Mosen said.

“Its because you are interfering with my production.

Even if the person today is not Shi Xiaoya but someone else, I also cant let you do this.”

Like the screenwriter, he was also very displeased with Lian Qingyin.

Previously, she had wanted to come and be a judge, but she was not focused at all.

Now, she just kept picking on someone because of her own personal grudge.

If Lian Qingyin kept being like this, then he would not be able to continue shooting his film in peace.

He did not find anything wrong with Lian Qingyin previously, mainly because they had limited interaction with each other.

And Lian Qingyin did not have a chance to bring her personal grudge into her work before that.

Yet today, she exposed all of it at once.

When Wu Mosen heard what Lian Qingyin had just said, he felt that Lian Qingyin probably had a screw loose!

Besides the fact that she kicked up a fuss for nothing, her logic was actually so warped.

It was clearly her own problem, yet she still wanted to blame it on Shi Xiaoya, as if all of this was Shi Xiaoyas fault.

And she told Shi Xiaoya to just withdraw.

As Guo Yujie had said, why was she, Lian Qingyin, not the one withdrawing

At this moment, Wu Mosen deeply suspected that Lian Qingyin might really have a screw loose.

Her logic was so warped that it made one dumbstruck.

“As the representative of the sponsor, I actually can make this decision!” Lian Qingyin stood up and did not seem to think she was at fault at all, saying very conceitedly, “If not, we can continue being at loggerheads over this.

If you insist on letting her join the production crew, you just wait and see if I cant chase her away or reduce the investment funds for the film!”

“CEO Lian, dont go overboard! Do you think your family founded Men Xue!” Writer Hu said angrily.

“Men Xue indeed wasnt founded by my family, but I am Men Xues country representative right now, the CEO of the companys country office here.

Everything here is decided by me.

So, as long as its on this territory, whatever I say counts.

I have the final say over everything!

“If you guys cant stand me making the decisions, then in the future, dont film in the country.” Lian Qingyin scoffed as she said that.

“But as long as you choose to film here, then I have the final say! If you have the capability, tell them to remove me from my position, then I wont be able to boss you around..

But as long as I am in this position, my words will have influence!”

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