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Chapter 2659: Replacement

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Han Zhuoling turned and finally greeted Wu Mosen and Writer Hu, “My apologies for interrupting the interview.”

Wu Mosen and Writer Hu naturally gestured that it was okay.

Lu Zeqing had arrived as well.

Looking at Lu Zeqings attitude, it was obvious that he had specifically come to take down Lian Qingyin.

This was much better.

This prevented Lian Qingyin from taking full control and making things worse for them.

“Director Wu and Writer Hu.” At this moment, Lu Zeqing came up to them and shook their hands.

“I am the person in charge of Men Xue Films from now on.

This is my first collaboration since coming here.

I will be counting on you guys from now on.” Lu Zeqing then handed his name card over to them.

Wu Mosen and Writer Wu took his name card.

When they heard Lu Zeqing say this, they thought it was weird.

How did Lu Zeqing become the person in charge of Men Xue Films

if Lu Zeqing was the person in charge, then who was Lian Qingyin

However, the name card that Lu Zeqing had handed over did state that Lu Zeqing was the CEO of the company in the greater China region.

His position was written clearly.

Wu Mosen stared at Lu Zeqing with a confused expression.

Lu Zeqing smiled and was about to explain when Lian Qingyin could no longer endure her own silence.

She interrupted and said, “What is going on I am the person in charge.

Why did you come here”

“Actually, since the day before yesterday, you have been removed from this position,” Lu Zeqing said.

“The company has decided not to make you the CEO of Men Xue Films in the greater China region.

I am your replacement, and you must go back to the main headquarters in the United States.”

Lian Qingyins facial expression changed as she shouted, “Thats impossible! You cant possibly think that I would believe you just because of some words you said!”

“If you dont believe me, you can call the company,” Lu Zeqing responded calmly.

Lian Qingyin questioned, “What did you do”

Lu Zeqing felt as though he had heard a joke.

He laughed and explained, “What can I do This is the decision made by the higher-ups in the company.

If I can control what they wanted to do, I would have been the CEO of the company in the greater China region since the beginning.

You would have never been here.

If I could make the decision, I would not have had to wait to come until now, right”

Lian Qingyin stared at Lu Zeqing and then glanced over at Han Zhuoling.

She felt that this had something to do with Han Zhuoling.

Her face darkened as she went to the corner to give Montrealle, the CEO of Men Xue Films, a call.

This happened so suddenly that Lian Qingyin had forgotten that it was midnight in the United States and people there would have already been asleep at this time.

The phone rang for a long time before Montrealle finally picked it up.

He was sleeping fine and had been awakened in the middle of the night to see that Lian Qingyin had called him.

Therefore, Montrealle was in a bad mood as he said angrily, “You better have some important things to say that you called me at this hour!”

Lian Qingyin suddenly remembered that this was an inappropriate time to call.

However, it was an emergency to her.

Therefore, she could not bother too much.


Montrealle, I just wanted to confirm if Louis is a replacement for me,” Lian Qingyin said.

Louis was obviously Lu Zeqing.

Montrealle had been woken up and could no longer sleep.

Because he did not want to disturb his sleeping wife, he left the bedroom with his phone.

“Yes, the company has made this decision.

I was the one who gave him that position.

Did you not read your emails Why would you disturb me at this time when you could have read your emails”

Lian Qingyin had no choice but to say, “I did not see the email because I was interviewing candidates with Director Wu Mosen.

The interview had been going well when Lu Zeqing arrived and said that he was here to replace me..”

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