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Chapter 2668: As If He Saw a Tail Lift Up Behind Han Zhuoling

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In the room, Wu Mosen and Writer Hu discussed for a while and said, “To be honest, both of us are very satisfied with your designs.”

Writer Hu smiled and said, “Even without Mr.

Han, your capability is still enough for the two of us to recruit you.”

“As for which characters makeup you will be in charge of, we still need to go back and discuss further.

We still need to choose the others and assign characters to them as well.

After we are done with the assignations, Writer Hu will let you know of the initial character background.

Of course, it will be slightly more detailed than the background given this time around.”

“When the time comes, you will need to design a few more makeup styles based on the characters background, so we can select the makeup style that best fits the character,” Writer Hu said.

“As for exactly which characters you will get, Ill go back and discuss this properly with Director Wu.”

“Sure.” Shi Xiaoya nodded.

Actually, the reason why the two of them could agree so readily was more or less because of Han Zhuoling as well.

She knew that.

But she could also be sure that her capability had indeed caught their eye.

When they were listening to her explain just before, the surprise and satisfaction on Wu Mosen and Writer Hus faces could not be concealed.

The excitement in Writer Hus eyes seemed as if she wanted to smack the table and recruit her on the spot.

Han Zhuolings sudden appearance had just accelerated the speed at which they confirmed her and made the two of them more sure of their choice.

It was because of her capability, but also to give Han Zhuoling face.

But Shi Xiaoya did not think there was anything bad about this.

Anyway, her capability had already received recognition.

When Han Zhuoling showed, he had said what had to be said and told Wu Mosen and Writer Hu that he definitely would not interfere.

Yet they still chose her, so Shi Xiaoya readily accepted it.

All the more she would not complain and scold Han Zhuoling for interfering without knowing better.

She was not so pretentious.

After confirming matters with Wu Mosen and Writer Hu, they came out of the room together.

Han Zhuoling was sitting outside, his eyes staring blankly at the door to the room.

He just stared squarely at it, waiting for her to come out, and did not do anything else.

Shi Xiaoya was the first to come out, so the moment the door opened, she saw Han Zhuolings blank stare.

He was clearly such a cold and sullen person, yet at this moment, that stare made him look a bit like a cute little puppy.

Shi Xiaoya blinked and even thought she was mistaken.

That pitiful look really made ones heart ache.

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Shi Xiaoyas heart got heavily knocked by Han Zhuolings stare.

It was not only Shi Xiaoya.

Lu Zeqing, who was behind her, was taller than Shi Xiaoya by a head.

Even if Shi Xiaoya was walking in front, she would not be able to block Lu Zeqings view.

So, Lu Zeqing also happened to see this look of Han Zhuolings.

Lu Zeqing: “…”

He must have seen a fake Han Zhuoling.

Meanwhile, when Han Zhuoling saw the door open, his eyes lit up because Shi Xiaoya was the first to come out.

Han Zhuolings initially expressionless face instantly broke into a grin.

Lu Zeqing felt as if he saw a tail lift up behind Han Zhuoling, swaying from side to side.

He quickly shut his eyes tight before opening them again after around two to three seconds.

Han Zhuoling had already stood up and walked towards Shi Xiaoya.

He had indeed seen wrongly.

How could there be a tail behind Han Zhuoling!

But the way Han Zhuoling looked at Shi Xiaoya really made him seem like a giant-sized, loyal dog.

No wonder he saw wrongly just then.

Even though there was really no tail behind Han Zhuoling, as long as he was looking at Shi Xiaoya, he would look as if he had grown a tail behind him.

“It ended already” Han Zhuoling asked as he walked over and held Shi Xiaoyas hand..

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