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Chapter 2675: I Panic When You Get Angry

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But before he could say that, his frowning action made Shi Xiaoya misunderstand.

She thought that Han Zhuoling was still angry.

At first, she felt a bit like giving up already.

The moment she stood up, she realized that she must have been crazy to be bold enough to seduce Han Zhuoling.

Furthermore, it was cramped inside the car and it was not easy to move around it, so she wanted to give up.

Just as she was about to give up, she saw Han Zhuoling frown.

He frowned!

Shi Xiaoya was shocked and immediately changed her idea of giving up.

She gritted her teeth and cheered for herself, thinking that she must make this man happy.

This man had never been angry at her before.

But now that he was angry, he was like a child; it was extremely difficult to make him happy.

Shi Xiaoya made up her mind, and with one leg kneeling on her own seat, her other leg crossed over the obstacle between the two seats.

She sat on Han Zhuolings lap, facing him.

Fortunately, Shi Xiaoya was very skinny, so she could be that agile, being able to extend her legs from the front passengers seat to the drivers seat in a cramped space.

Han Zhuoling did not think that Shi Xiaoya was capable of doing that.

It was like a stroke of genius.

She stood up with such great difficulty just to sit on his lap

It was a rare sight to see Han Zhuoling stunned.

He looked at Shi Xiaoya blankly as his jaw dropped.

Before his mind came back, his hands already had an idea of their own as they held Shi Xiaoyas waist.

Shi Xiaoya saw his reaction and knew that he was not angry anymore.

She immediately showed him a sweet smile.

She smiled until her eyes curved into crescents.

Without waiting for Han Zhuoling to say anything, Shi Xiaoya leaned in and planted a kiss on his lips, saying, “Dont be angry anymore, alright”

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After saying that, she buried herself in his arms, saying, “I panic when you get angry.”

Han Zhuoling swallowed.

This girl was squeezing herself into his embrace.

But she was doing it on his lap.

His hands went from the sides of her waist to the back of her waist.

The summer clothes were already very thin, and his palm was extremely hot.

It was like a searing heat burning through her thin shirt and onto her skin.

Shi Xiaoya fidgeted subconsciously.

She was too sensitive towards his touch.

She felt it the moment he touched her.

Furthermore, the two already had such a good chemistry.

Their chemistry was so good that she had developed an instinct.

As long as he touched her, she would know exactly what he meant.

Whenever he casually touched.

Whenever he gently touched.

Whenever he touched her unconsciously during intimate times.

Whenever he touched her with a burning passion.

She could clearly differentiate whether his feeling was of burning rage when he touched her.

Like now, the burn was too much.

Shi Xiaoyas face started burning.

She felt even more uneasy as she sat on his lap.

Both her hands were still placed on his shoulders.

At this moment, she felt that she could not put her hands anywhere on his body.

It felt way too hot.

The little girl that had been quite brave just before suddenly wanted to retreat right now.

She got timid all of a sudden.

Seeing her like this, Han Zhuoling felt that she just wanted to be like a hedgehog and curl herself up into a ball.

Han Zhuoling secretly laughed when he saw her timid behavior.

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