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Chapter 2677: Smells So Good

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He leaned over her neck and sniffed.

“Smells so good.”

Shi Xiaoya was speechless.


It sounded so rude.

This man was clearly angry previously, but now, he was already acting like a gangster.

He changed so fast.

Shi Xiaoya did not dare to move.

She was unsure of how long she had to wait for Han Zhuoling to return to normal.

She was burning and did not even dare to take a deep breath.

Then she remembered how long Han Zhuoling always lasted.

It had always taken a long time for him to finish.

It was always her who could not take it anymore.

Even when she did not have any strength left and was begging continuously, it was pointless.

Han Zhuoling even said unhappily that she was always lying down and he was always the one moving, so how could she be so tired

To that, Shi Xiaoya was at a loss of words.

So now, she did not know how long she had to wait.

Just when she was wondering in her head, Shi Xiaoyas phone rang.

It was an unknown number, so Shi Xiaoya picked up.

Unexpectedly, it was from the police.

After talking for a while, Shi Xiaoya hung up and said to Han Zhuoling, “It was the police.

The two people who crashed into me have been caught.

Because there were security cameras, the two were not able to escape.

Afterward, a lawyer who claimed to represent them came to talk to them for a while.

“Even though the two confessed, when asked why they crashed into me, they said that they collaborated with my workshop, but they were unhappy about the partnership so there was some form of conflict.

Because of that, they hated me and looked for a chance to crash into me.

“The police probably didnt believe their explanation, so they called me and asked if I know them,” said Shi Xiaoya.

She frowned.

“I am just a makeup artist; since when did I have any collaborations I have always only brought Yujie along with me to work.

In terms of collaboration, at most, I would do makeup for celebrities who were attending events, or do makeup for a production crew.

“In these two situations, there were many employees, but I did not really interact with them.

I was only in charge of the celebrities makeup and couldnt interact with anybody else, let alone have any conflicts,” said Shi Xiaoya, frowning.

“When I go to work, I only interact with the celebrities and their assistants.

Occasionally, I would talk to their managers.

As for others, there were no interactions.”

The two people might have been sent by those people.

“Those who are unhappy with me are probably Yuan Yina, Liu Enxiao, and Jiang Yuhan,” said Shi Xiaoya.

“Yuan Yina and Liu Enxiao are both makeup artists.

They had some conflicts with me due to work matters, but I saw Yuan Yina when I attended the interview today and she didnt know about the car accident.

As for Liu Enxiao, she doesnt have any position in the world of makeup artists; she is even far behind Yuan Yina.”

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She was the makeup artist in Lu Donglius production team who became Survivor‘s permanent makeup artist out of luck.

But just when she was given a chance, she dug her own grave.

So Liu Enxiao did not have the capability to find someone to ambush her.

That was because Liu Enxiao was already struggling for an opportunity, so she would not have time to sabotage Shi Xiaoya.

Shi Xiaoya expressed her opinion.

“As for Jiang Yuhan, ever since she knocked on your door during the shooting of Survivor, I havent heard about her..

It was as if she disappeared from the entertainment industry.”

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