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Chapter 2691: My Hubby Looks Good Too

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The first thing that he saw was Shi Xiaoyas picture.

“It looks so good.” Han Zhuoling smiled.

Shi Xiaoya watched from the side.

She thought that Han Zhuoling was smiling like an idiot.

Of course, even if he was an idiot, he was a handsome idiot.

Han Zhuoling turned his head and smiled at Shi Xiaoya.

“My wife looks so good.”

Shi Xiaoya blushed.

She suddenly realized that she was really married now.

She was a wife now.

She did not feel single anymore.

Before this, even if she was together with Han Zhuoling, she was still single in terms of her identity.

Her name was still in the household register of the Shi family.

But now, it had been transferred to Han Zhuolings household register.

They really… became a family.

Both their marriage certificates were in Han Zhuolings hands.

Shi Xiaoya leaned over and looked at the pictures on the marriage certificates.

“My hubby looks so good too,” said Shi Xiaoya quietly.

She was not used to this new identity and form of address.

The moment she said it, she felt so embarrassed.

Her ears were red and burning.

It was as if smoke was going to emerge the next second.

Han Zhuoling was stunned.

It was as if his acupoints had been pressed and he could not move.

Shi Xiaoya also held her breath nervously.

Was… was he scared by her

Did she change too fast

As she was thinking this, Han Zhuoling turned his head suddenly.

“What did you call me just now”

Shi Xiaoya opened her mouth, unsure of what to do.

Her whole face was red.

Was… was she too forward

Right after, Han Zhuoling placed the marriage certificates on his lap and said to Shi Xiaoya, “Say it one more time”

Shi Xiaoyas face was completely red.

Now she was too embarrassed to say it again.

Han Zhuoling did not want to let it go.

He held Shi Xiaoyas arm and said, full of expectations, “What did you call me just now Say it again.”

Shi Xiaoya looked away.

She was too embarrassed to look at him and asked, “Where are we going to next Do we go home or to the family home to let our elders know that weve gotten our marriage certificates”

“Dont change the subject,” said Han Zhuoling, smiling.

“After you say it, we can discuss that.”

Shi Xiaoya fidgeted in her seat uneasily.

She felt his burning breaths blowing over her face.

Shi Xiaoya was so nervous that she sucked her lower lip out of habit.

If she did not say something, Han Zhuoling would not let her go.

Shi Xiaoyas lips shook, then she finally gathered some courage and said, “Hubby…”

Shi Xiaoya lowered her head and did not see that Han Zhuoling was smiling like an idiot.

He laughed silently.

Only the faint sounds of air could be heard.

It was rare that he was smiling so happily.

He saw that Shi Xiaoya was too embarrassed to raise her head, so he lowered his head and looked for her lips.

He placed his face below Shi Xiaoyas face and went for her lips.

Then, he pushed her against the back of the seat.

Shi Xiaoya could only hold his shoulders and let him kiss her.

After a while, Han Zhuoling let her go.

Shi Xiaoyas face was burning and her lips were numb.

Then, she heard Han Zhuoling say quietly, “From now on, call me that.”

Unable to hold back, Shi Xiaoya also started laughing.

The two were really… married.

It felt like a dream.

The first thing Han Zhuoling did after he sat back was to check whether the marriage certificates were alright.

After checking, he put away the marriage certificates carefully.

Then, he answered the question that Shi Xiaoya had asked to change the subject.

“Lets go to your parents place.

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