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Chapter 2707: One by One, Their Tempers Changed

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Lunch had just been prepared.

Just as they were preparing to eat, Lin Liye and Han Dongping came.

The two came through the door one after another.

Old Mrs.

Han smiled and asked, “Why are you two here so early”

“After I heard that Zhuoling and Xiaoya got their marriage certificates, how could I still be able to sit still So I came immediately,” said Lin Liye, smiling.

Old Mrs.

Han asked, “You two came together”

“No, we met at the door,” explained Lin Liye.

Old Mr.

Han took a glance at Han Dongping and clicked his tongue.

This son used to talk big in the past.

But now

He could not even get a wife.

Even now, Lin Liye still did not care about him.

But the two elders did not care about this.

In the past decades, Lin Liye had been hurt many times because of Han Dongping.

Now, it was just the other way around; it was no big deal for Han Dongping to suffer for a few months.

He could not receive Lin Liyes forgiveness because he had no skills and was not sincere enough.

So, the two elders did not blame Lin Liye.

They saw that Han Dongping looked shy.

Old Mrs.

Han asked him, “Dont you need to work You even came here.”

Han Dongping smiled shyly.

“I also heard that Zhuoling has gotten his marriage certificate.

There was nothing urgent at work, so I came.”

It was Han Zhuolings major life event; Han Dongping could not hold out and only appear at night.

“You two havent eaten yet, right Come and sit down.

Lets eat together,” said Old Mrs.


Han Dongping and Lin Liye really had not eaten lunch.

They both received the call and came immediately.

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Because they would have to spend some time on the road, they had left pretty early.

They had just made it in time for lunch; it was pretty suitable.

They all sat down.

They talked and laughed.

The atmosphere was pretty nice.

After finishing lunch, they drank tea in the living room.

In Old Mrs.

Hans opinion, Han Zhuoling did not go to work because it was such a joyful event, but why did Han Dongping not go to work as well

One by one, their tempers had changed

Work came second now

Old Mrs.

Han was deep in thoughts when she heard Han Dongping say, “Zhuoling, since youre already married, its not very convenient to stay where you two are staying now, isnt it That place hasnt even been renovated properly.

Even though the upstairs and downstairs are connected, it doesnt look like a house of a married couple, does it

“Xiaoyas room has not changed as well.

Theres a kitchen upstairs and one downstairs.

It looks like two homes, not a single, complete home,” said Han Dongping.

Old Mr.

Han and Old Mrs.

Han nodded.

They agreed with what Han Dongping had said.

Han Zhuoling wanted to stay near Shi Xiaoya, so it was convenient.

As long as the two stayed together, there were no other requirements.

So Shi Xiaoyas house did not change and stayed the same.

She just moved upstairs and lived with Han Zhuoling.

As a result, this did not look like a complete house that two people lived in together.

It was like a house that had been divided into two parts.

The two parts had not merged together at all.

Even Han Zhuoling expressed a hint of agreement.

Han Dongping saw this and jumped for joy in his heart.

He hit the iron while it was hot and said, “When Zhuoling was preparing to come back, didnt he buy a house The one that your mom is staying in now.”

When Han Zhuoling came back, he had wanted him to be with Xia Yixin.

But Han Zhuoling had never paid much attention to these materialistic things.

He thought that a family of three living in a big villa would make it feel too empty..

Besides, he was always not home usually.

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